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Titli 12th June 2023 Written Episode Update

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Titli Written Episode 12th June 2023, Written Update on TellyUpdate.in.

Titli Written Update

Titli sees the pink sari at the beginning of the episode. She smiles and says Kakimaa. She goes to hug Jaishri when she sees her smiling. Jaishri says, “I’m your aunt and mother, too. Rahul will love you a lot and make you happy.” Bhakti shows up and asks Titli what she can do for her. She likes the skirt because it is pretty.

Titli says it will be good for me. Bhakti says that everything about you is perfect and that Rahul will be mesmerised by you. Titli meets Rahul’s mum and Bhairavi. Rahul smiles talking to Titli. Rahul’s best friend is brought up by Bhairavi. Rahul’s mother gives it to him. I will keep this safe, says Jaishri. Titli asks her to show him how the food is set up. She goes to get the shagun. She decides to go out later and look at the dress.

Chintu invites Titli to dance. Hiral walks out onto the stage and says, “I’ll dance.” Hiral and Chintu dance to “Banno tera swagger.” Titli says that Hiral seems glad to see me. Chintu asks Titli and Rahul to join him on stage. Rahul says this is impossible. She asks why, since you told her you’d dance. She says, “I’ll take care of everything if you promise.” Chintu says you’ll find out how Titli and Rahul got together. They make it happen again.

They sing the song “Kesariya”… They are blessed by Jaishri. She says you both did a great job dancing. Rahul says thank you, and Titli is strong. The video is shown to Titli by Bhakti. Titli sees Bhairavi crying and wonders what’s wrong with her. She goes to Bhairavi and asks, “Are you missing Bhaiya? He should be here, so call him.” Bhairav says no. Call him.” Rahul’s mum says that Mukund works a lot and doesn’t talk to Bhairavi very much. She says that you can meet him when you go to Dubai. Titli goes. Rahul’s mum gets angry with Bhairavi.

It’s night, and Jaishri is sad about Titli’s bidaai and starts to cry. Titli sees the saree and likes it. Jaishri says it looks nice. She’s going. When Tuitli sees the stain, she tells Rahul that he and Bhairavi said they would buy her a wedding dress, but this looks like old, used clothing.

She yells at Jaishri and gives him a look at the old saree. You said Rahul and Bhairavi bought it, so Jaishri says, “Yes, there are stains.” Chintu says that it’s the second hand. Don’t worry, says Jaishri. It might belong to Rahul’s mum. But he has lied to me, Titli says. Jaishri says that it’s possible he didn’t want to say this in front of Bhakti, but don’t worry, I’ll change it. She tells Chintu to go pack up the boxes of sweets.

Garv’s sisters are with him. They tell him he needs to talk to RJ Vicky. RJ asks you what love means to you. Even if Garv only says one word, it doesn’t mean anything if there isn’t trust. He is on a radio show that Titli listens to. Garv says that two people need to meet and get to know each other, that one person needs to get rid of doubt, and that faith slowly grows.

Titli calls Rahul. Bhairavi answers it. He says that Titli is calling and that she can call me at any time because we are getting married. She says that no one can come between us because I have the right to you. He smiles. He says she’ll think I’m asleep, that we’re taking advantage of her innocence, that she’s been tricked, and that when she finds out, she’ll be crushed. She says, “Think about what I have to go through because I married you.” He says, “I love you, we are close to what we want.” They kiss. Titli prays.

Rahul tells Titli, “I told you to buy a new dress.” Titli found out about the old dress. Titli is standing at the door.

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