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Titli 12th July 2023 Written Episode Update

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Titli Written Episode 12 July 2023, Written Update on Telly Updates.

Titli Written Update

Titli and Garv spend time together at the start of the episode. She makes him smile. Ishani shows up. Garv says, “I brought her here and asked her to talk to my fiancee.” Ishani says, “I have something to say.” Garv says that Titli knows a lot about me.

Ishani asks Titli if she is certain about Garv. He tells Titli, “I’m sure I’m the best.” Ishani tells Garv that the other person in a relationship is just as important. She asks Titli if she is sure Garv is the one. Titli says, “No, I don’t count things in my relationships. I’m nothing without him.”

Ishani thinks your trick will soon fall apart. Garv asks if we want to get something to eat. Titli says, “I’ll go to the toilet and be right back.” She’s going. Ishani says, “Can I tell you the truth? You’re the reason I’m in this situation.” She shows off her fake hand.

He asks me what I’m talking about, and I… She says, “Yes, you gave me this punishment to love you. Don’t tell me you don’t remember that day when you ruined my life out of anger.” He remembers having a fight with Ishani. He tells her not to leave the country.

He says, “I don’t want a long-distance relationship.” She says everything is about you. He says that everything is about us, that he loves you a lot, and that he will get you into the best college in town if you do what he wants.

He closes the door hard and walks out. Her hand gets hurt. FB ends. He says I didn’t know. She tells him not to feel bad and to act innocent in front of Titli. She says, “I know you well.

You like to be in charge, and when you get mad, you break everything.” He says, “Trust me, I didn’t mean to hurt you. I was very angry and said a lot of things, but I didn’t mean to.” She says that when you broke up with me, you broke my heart. He says that we were not meant to be together and that you only saw my anger in front of my goodness.

Then I met Titli, and she introduced me to Garv, a changed man. I have done everything for Titli, we are happy together, I love her, and she is my peace. Titli comes.

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Titli 11th July 2023 Written Episode Update

He says that she is my happy place and that when I’m with her, I feel lucky. The phone rings, and it’s Jaishri. She goes away. Paresh spends a lot of money, so Jaishri asks him why. She asks how you got the money, since we also need to pay for Hiral’s wedding.

Paresh says, “I know what my job is.” Titli asks if you took out a loan to buy the house. He says, “No, here are the papers for the house. You have no right to ask me anything else.” Baa is mean to Titli.

Manikant talks to the people who came. He says that people aren’t bad, but that’s okay because Garv likes that girl. Titli and her family go to Garv’s home. Alpa picks on them. They are greeted by Maina and Hiren. Garv comes and tells Titli that she should come see the house. Dhrishti says that Titli decorated for Monica’s wedding, and that she has seen the whole house. Maina says that she will look at the house as if she were a bahu.

Garv shows Titli the room. He says that pictures of us will be on this wall. She falls down. He holds her and tells her to be careful, “I’m already impressed, you don’t need to wear high heels to impress me.” She remembers that Ishani wore shoes.

She tells her, “No, I wear it a lot.” He says, “Okay, how do you feel?” She tells me that yes, I can run in shoes. He says, “All right, show me.” She figures out what to do. She tells me that I will do catwalk. He says good luck.

Chintu gives Dhrishti a praise. Tell me something I don’t know, she says. He asks Dhara to join him on the dance floor. She is happy. Koel meets everyone. She tells them to sit down because there is plenty of room in our house. Baa tells you to stay here until now.

She asks Jaishri to give her shagun packets. I forgot it at home, Jaishri says. Baa yells at her. Chintu tells me to go get it. Titli moves forward and trips again. Garv smiles and wraps his arms around her.

Garv and Ishani have a fight. He tells her so. He says I didn’t mean to break your hand. Titli comes.

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