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Titli 11th July 2023 Written Episode Update

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Titli Written Episode 11th July 2023, Written Update on Telly Updates.

Titli Written Update

At the start of the episode, Hiral asks Titli about the girls. Titli doesn’t tell her. Hiral thinks that Titli has something to hide. Maina goes to Koel’s house to say sorry. Koel says you lied to me, but I’ve never lied to anyone and have always loved them from the bottom of my heart.

The R. She I. When she looks at the chain, she remembers that Garv picked it out for you. Titli should not worry, Jaishri tells her. She says that you shouldn’t tell Hiral this because she is young.

Titli says, “I see what you’re saying, but a lie is a lie.” Hiral gets a paper. When she sees the bill, she is shocked. Koel says Garv, you lied to me. Manikant asks what lie, tell me. She tells Garv to tell her. She says that I asked Garv about it and that he loves Titli a lot.

Don’t worry, says Garv, no one will find out about the gifts. Hiral says that Garv bought the gifts, and I will send Paresh the picture. She looks at her cell phone. She says that I accidentally sent the picture to Manikant. Jaishri checks the door. The gifts are thrown by Manikant.

He can remember that Garv’s name was on the bill. He gives Paresh a hard time for getting things from Garv. Baa says that we worked out the details and that Garv asked us to get the gifts. Manikant and Paresh have a fight.

Manikant says you’re using Garv. Tell me if you can cover the costs or not, and I’ll sign the cheque and give you the money. I don’t mind, but I can’t stand it when people take advantage of us. Jaishri says, “We didn’t mean to lie, and we won’t let you complain about this mistake again. We promise.” Manikant says, If you forget this, I will end this partnership. Paresh yells, “Titli!” He tells her off.

Titli says that she made sure the gifts were ready, but she doesn’t know when Garv gave them the gifts. Hiral says you should have told us, Manikant told us a lot. Baa says, “I told you not to take Garv’s help.” Titli says I didn’t ask him.

Paresh asks why he got the gifts. “My respect is my responsibility,” he says. “Watch what I do now, because you and Garv won’t do anything.”

Baa asks Titli how she met that person. She is mean to Titli. Titli goes to meet Garv. She says that Paresh sent these things back because your dad came home, found out that you bought them, and sent them back. I don’t get it, because your dad and my Kaka are both right.

He says it means it’s wrong for me to get these gifts and think about how happy it will make you. I think you were waiting for this to happen so you could give the gifts back to me.

She says no. He says, “Enough! I don’t want to argue. I’ll go talk to my family about how they can make this such a big deal.” She tells them it’s not their fault. He asks, “Is this wrong? I made these plans to make you feel better, I did this for you, I thought we would do this, how can my dad do this?”

She says, “Don’t push this any further. We need to start over.” He says, “I can see that. I want to live a good life with you. I don’t want these little fights. I want to be happy and make you happy.” She says, “I’m happy, so don’t worry about this.” I can’t, he says.

They’re sad. She says if you talk to your dad, then matter can get okay or spoil, I know we will lose these moments, I don’t want this to happen, you said you have to spend time with me, why are you getting angry, sit here, can’t you do this for me. He says, “I can help you with anything.”

Ishani asks, “What are you doing here?” to sum up. Garv says that you shouldn’t bother Titli and me. He says I didn’t mean to break your hand. Itititahtoo – That’s Allotahtohtohto.

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