Teri Meri Doriyaan Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 5th July 2023 Written Episode Update

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Teri Meri Doriyaan Written Episode 5th July 2023, Written Update on Telly Updates.

Teri Meri Doriyaan Written Update

Sahiba calls Keerat and tells her to zoom in on the video so she can see that the fake is wearing a ring with a snake design that she doesn’t even have. Keerat asks how she can show that she is innocent with only this proof. Sahiba hears a sound coming from close to the door.

Keerat wants to know what went on. Sahiba says nothing important and says that the inspector gave her a number for the public prosecutor and that she will call him tomorrow.

When Angad and his lawyer, Mr. Jethania, get back to their house, Angad asks Mr. Jethania if he can meet a judge who will hear Akaal’s case. Jethania says that he knows the judge, that a good lawyer knows the law well, and that the best lawyer is the one who can convince the judge.

Seerat brings them tea and brings it to them. Angad says he doens’t need it. Seerat says he should have it because he hasn’t slept at all since yesterday. Angad says he won’t drink anything until he gets Akaal home.

The next day, Sahiba meets with the public prosecutor and tells him that she didn’t file a report and wants Akaal out of jail no matter what. She doesn’t want to set a bad example for real victims or make a joke of the law. Jethania brings Angad to the office of the judge.

Who is he? asks the judge. Angad says his friend Darji is innocent and he wants to get him out of jail for any amount the judge says.

The judge gets angry and tells him that he is trying to bribe him and that he can be punished. He tells her to leave and not expect him to be kind. Jethania tells the judge she’s sorry and takes him away.

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Sahiba meets the inspector and shows her a snake-shaped ring that the fake was wearing. She tells the inspector that she never wore such a ring. She asks for her Darji to be set free. Inspector tells her that nothing can be done until the court case, and he tells her not to give up so easily out of fear. Sahiba stays where she is.

Brars visit Akaal. When Japjyoth sees Akaal in jail, he breaks down and brings him lunch. The sub-inspector stops her and tells her that food from outside is not allowed.

He then tells her to meet the prisoner and leave. Angad tells him to be nice to his baby girl. Subinspector says that all he is doing is his job. Sahiba and her lawyer walk out of the inspector’s cell.

Japjyoth insults her and says that God will punish her for her sins. He then starts to cry even more. Seerat gives her comfort. She walks up to Sahiba and asks what she is doing with a lawyer when she said she was going to show her innocence and get Akaal out of jail.

Sahiba says that Akaal can’t come out until the court case starts. Serat curses at her and says it makes her feel bad to call her sister. Other people, like Angad, also curse her.

Sahiba asks her lawyer who will hear their case if he knows the judge. Lawyer says “yes” and asks “what are you doing?” Sahiba asks the judge for his address and goes to his house, but the guards won’t let her in because she didn’t make an appointment.

She asks Keerat for help by calling her. Brars goes back home. She shuts herself in a room. People in her family worry about her. When Angad fails to get Akaal out of jail, Jasleen hits him with her tongue.

Manveer talks to her, and they start to argue. Japjyoth opens door. Seerat says she is hoping for Akaal’s freedom and won’t even drink a drop of water until he is freed. Japjyoth compliments her and says that she is very loving and nothing like her sister. Brar trouble continues.

Keerat gets to Sahiba with Veer. Sahiba says she will do anything to meet Judge. Veer says that he will sign something to get Judge’s attention, and then she can meet him.

Inder tells Angad to get a divorce from Sahiba.
Angad signs papers. Sahiba asks him if he thinks the same thing. Angad said that she wanted to be free. Sahiba tells him how to show that she is not guilty. Angad tells him how to describe her.

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