Teri Meri Doriyaan Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 4th July 2023 Written Episode Update

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Teri Meri Doriyaan 4 July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates.

Teri Meri Doriyaan Written Update

Akaal doesn’t believe Sahiba when she says she didn’t file a report against her and that she will find out who did it. Akaal tells Angad to get this girl out of his line of sight. Angad grabs Sahiba’s hand and pulls her out of the police station, saying that he doesn’t want her to bother his Daarji any more.

People who work for NGOs protest against Akaal, and the media asks Sahiba if Akaal really made her feel bad mentally and physically. Angad tries to talk, but his lawyer stops him and says that if he says anything, good or bad, the media will make the situation worse. People from NGOs shout that Angad is holding Sahiba’s hand with force. The lawyer tells them to keep holding hands and get in their car to leave. The crowd throws rocks at Angad.

Sahiba stops it. Angad, who is carrying her car, gets in the car with her and drives away. They get there. Constable reaches behind them and tells Sahiba that she is leaving two constables at the main gate to protect her and to call the police if the Brars bother her again.

Manveer walks to Angad and asks where is Akaal. Angad says there was no way to save Akaal. Sahiba says she didn’t do anything wrong and didn’t make a complaint. Manveer asks Japjyoth why she played this drama when he told her she could go to school.

She tells Angad that Sahiba’s video is shown on all the news stations. Angad runs in and turns on the news station to watch videos. He says out loud what she wants to say. When Japjyoth comes in, he asks where Akaal is. Angad says that no one could save him.

Sahiba says she will tell the public in writing that Akaal is not guilty. Inder tells Dare that she doesn’t have to do anything else and that she shouldn’t talk to the media. Instead, she should sign divorce papers and leave Angad’s life and their house. Sahiba is surprised, so he asks Angad if he thinks the same thing. Angad says that they were never a good match, and after what she did today, he also wants to get a divorce from her.

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Sahiba goes to the bathroom and freaks out when she thinks about the tape. She breaks the mirror in anger. Angad walks in and asks her if she wants to call the police and say he’s hurting her by doing this. If she does, he says, why doesn’t she stop her? Sahiba walks behind them and pleads again that she is not the person in the tape and is being set up.

Seerat walks in, and she had told her not to walk in without knocking on the door. Now, she’s standing in the same room and asking her why she bothers Angad after all he’s done for her. She puts her hand on Angad’s shoulder and gives him comfort.

Sahiba is unable to say anything. Seerat says that soon Akaal’s innocence will be proven, and that Sahiba will have to apologise to Akaal and the whole Brar family. After a while, Keerat calls Sahiba and says that she saw the news and wants to know if it is her in the video.

Sahiba says that someone who is not her is trying to hurt her reputation. She asks Keerat if she can help. Sahiba says she doesn’t know. She looks closely at the video and sees that the girl is wearing a snake-shaped ring. She calls Keerat back and tells her the same thing. She hears someone behind the door listening in on her.

Sahiba asks her lawyer if he knows the judge who will hear her case. Seerat pushes Angad against Sahiba. Sahiba’s lawyer tells her that he knows the judge and wonders what she is doing.

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