Teri Meri Doriyaan Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 24th June 2023 Written Episode Update

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Teri Meri Doriyaan 24th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.in.

Teri Meri Doriyaan Written Update

Inquiring as to whether Ajith would be interested in working for Brar jewels, Angad informs Sahiba that the company constantly needs talented artisans. Yes, Ajith joyfully nods. Then, Angad begs Sahiba to pardon him for his error. Santosh argues that Sahiba would forgive him because her entire family would. Keerat claims that when he contacted her to meet him, she was unaware that he was preparing all of this since he is genuinely kind-hearted.

Ajith gives Angad a heartfelt hug. Sahiba is told by Keerat that Angad is not all that horrible. Ajith hugs Sahiba as well. Keerat takes their picture. Veer takes a selfie while remarking that it is a great moment. Santosh reports that they received two pieces of fantastic news: Sahiba is pregnant and Angad gave them a brand-new shop.

Sahiba claims to not be expecting. Santosh is alarmed and queries whether she lost her child. Sahiba claims that hospital staff accidentally included her name in another person’s report. Santosh thinks it’s fine, but if she becomes pregnant soon, she should tell her after Angad.

Sahiba provides treats for Angad from home. Angad is delighted to see Pirni. Sahiba queries whether he assisted her family in winning her pardon. Angad claims he wanted to make amends for his error since he felt bad about it. He learned from his error since, according to Sahiba, when one repents of a mistake, it is called learning rather than a mistake. She gives him kheer, and he beams. She is then instructed to choose a color and font on his laptop by him.

Sahiba assists him and inquires as to its purpose. She will learn the surprise tomorrow, he says while holding her hand. He is holding her hand, and Sahiba notices. Angad moves away as he becomes uneasy.

She beams. Then, she inquires as to whether he told his family that he had a contract with her father and had rebuilt his store. No, Angad replies. Sahiba advises him to tell them before they learn later and react. She is instructed to leave it with Angad.

Jasleen approaches Garry’s room and queries Seerat regarding him. He must be lost, according to Seerat. Everyone may not be as quick to forgive Garry as they were Kiara, according to Jasleen. If Sahiba had told her about the pregnancy and impending birth of their heir, she claims that everyone was ecstatic. Says Seerat, “No.” Jasleen claims that by really having a kid and producing this family’s first heir, she may now also win everyone’s affection.

She exhorts her to seize the chance rather than just ponder about it. Garry rages as he remembers being insulted by Jaspal. As she approaches him, Seerat explains how he might rediscover the value of his family, adding that Jasleen advised they become parents before Angad and Sahiba.

He will receive his valuables back. Garry becomes irate and tells her to ignore him, he won’t even allow her touch his things. Seerat identifies the issues with it. Garry claims that she should respect her boundaries since he only sees her as his wife in the world, not as him. Seerat sobs as she sits.

The following day, Angad throws a party for their shop’s 50th birthday. Sahiba enters dressed in a stunning sari. Angad is mesmerized by her beauty. Everyone is aware of that. Garry walks away angry while Seerat grips his hand.

The president of Ludhiana Jewelers congratulates Akaal on reaching 50 years in business and declares that Akaal made the correct choice in appointing Angad as his successor, who would take the company to new heights. Walks to his family, Angad Japjyoth applauds the party decor. Without Sahiba’s assistance, according to Angad, it was not conceivable. Sahiba is introduced to her guest by Japjyoth, who compliments her. Reporters mention that Garry oversees a company. Not now, says Akaal.

Sahiba is taken by Gurleen to meet her friends. Angad follows Seerat after noticing that she is sobbing. Sahiba is aware of that.

Sahiba hurls a picture into the trash in a fury. Sahiba is called a nothing and insulted by an artist because she doesn’t even hold a formal degree in the arts. Sahiba informs Angad of her desire to enroll in an arts institution and requests his signature on a form.

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