Teri Meri Doriyaan Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 20th June 2023 Written Episode Update

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Teri Meri Doriyaan 20th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.in.

Teri Meri Doriyaan Written Update

Ajith calls Angad and asks to talk to Sahiba because her phone isn’t working. Angad says that Sahiba must be the reason he wants to praise him. What does Ajith ask for? Ajith is happy and tells Angad well done. Angad disconnects call. Manveer and Inder get angry when they talk about how Angad accepted Sahiba and made love to her.

They can’t break it down. Inder says that he thinks Angad must have made love to Sahiba while he was drunk. Manveer says that Angad doesn’t lose control even when he’s drunk. He also questions Sahiba’s character, saying that she might be having an affair with Angad and that’s why they got her married to him. He asks about her past. Angad can hear what they are saying.

Kiara and Jatin meet at a restaurant. Jatin acts happy when he hears that Kiara is pregnant, but he then tells her that she should have an abortion because it will hurt her job. Kiara calls Sahiba to tell her that Jatin wants her to get rid of the baby he is carrying.

Sahiba is surprised, and she asks him how he can recommend abortion. Angad hears that and asks who she is talking to. She had already shocked him by telling him she was pregnant, and now she is talking about having an abortion. Sahiba says its personal. Angad says it’s about them because she’s his wife, and he wants to know if he’s the only person in her life or if there’s someone else.

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Sahiba tells him not to say anything that will make him feel bad about himself in the future. Angad stands furious. After a while, Sahiba calls Kiara again. This time, Kiara tells Sahiba that she wants to keep her baby, but Jatin is worried about how it will affect her job. Sahiba says that if Jatin really loves her, they should get married and then she can freely plan her future.

She says that she will talk to Jatin if he doesn’t agree. Kiara says that Jatin doesn’t answer his phone at night because he needs to sleep or his work in the morning will suffer. She will send him a message and let her know what he says tomorrow.

Sahiba sees that Keerat has called her several times and calls her back. Keerat tells her she’s happy for her and shows how excited she is to be an aunt. Next, Santosh tells her how happy he is for her and gives her advice on how to have a healthy baby. After some time, Japjyoth gives sweets to Sahiba and says that the happiest time in her life was when Angad was born, but that she is happier now that Sahiba is going to make her a great grandma than when Angad was born.

Jasleen walks toward them with Seerat. Japjyoth tells Seerat that she needs to take good care of her sister. Prabjyoth says that Seerat should get pregnant soon so that Sahiba’s child will have a sister. Seerat is sad because she thinks her husband doesn’t even look at her. Sahiba is teased by Jasleen, who says that she doesn’t look happy because she wants to work.

She is joined by Prabjyoth. Argument ensues. Manveer goes to them on foot. Jasleen tells her she’s happy for her, but she doesn’t seem happy. Prabjyoth says in a low voice that she doesn’t think Sahiba’s is Angad’s. Jasleen wants to know what she said. Hansraj says that what she said is something no one wants to hear. The drama goes on.

Sahiba remembers that Brars insulted her by saying she wasn’t qualified and telling her to stop working. She gives Angad divorce papers and tells him that if a husband can’t take care of his wife, it’s best for them to split up.

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