Teri Meri Doriyaan Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 17th June 2023 Written Episode Update

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Teri Meri Doriyaan 17th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.in

When Kiara sees Sahiba at the hospital, she feels worried. Sahiba asks her if she came here to find out if she is pregnant. Kiara tells her to stay out of it and yells that it’s none of her business. Sahiba pulls her away and tells her that no one else will find out. She wants to know who he is. Kiara stands silent.

Sahiba says that she knows Kiara is very scared and that she will never leave her side, no matter what. Kiara tells her friend Jatin that she loves him. Jatin also loves Kiara and wants to marry her. Sahiba asks her if she told Jasleen or anyone else what happened. Kiara says no. Since she is married, Sahiba asks her to use her name instead for the test. Nurse asks Kiara her name.

When Angad and Veer find Keerat, they tell him what really happened. Keerat says she knows because the people in her family don’t lie to each other. Angad says he was trying to help him and had good intentions, but he didn’t know something like this would happen. Keerat says that her father used to make jewellery in that shop.

He is an artist, and when his boss falsely accused him of stealing, he started a food stall. Sahiba has been making art since she was a child, and it has always been her dream. Now they have lost their shop. Angad says that Sahiba is still mad at him and that he wants to make things right. He tells Veer that on the way home, they should stop by Sahiba’s burned shop.

Manveer tells Akaal that she has set up a langar/feast at the gurudwara tonight in honour of Angad. Seerat gives his family tea. Jasleen says that Seerat also took an oath like this, so Seerat and Garry will set up langar for tonight. Manveer tells Jasleen to stop being her DIL’s boss and always sticking up for her son and DIL.

Everyone knows what she’s trying to do. She walks away from Akaal and tells him that she already told Paatji about the plans. Hansraj makes fun of Manveer by saying that he hates both Sahiba and Seerat now, but that he wouldn’t hate Seerat if she had married Angad. Akaal says that only a worthless person without a job like him could think something like that. Japjyoth says that Akaal told him not to look into the past. Hansraj continues his taunts.

When Seerat goes back to her room, Garry is already there. Garry asks her if it’s strange to see her husband, who doesn’t have a job, in the room. Seerat says that she talked to Angad about getting him back into business, and that he said he would talk to Akaal about it. When Garry gets mad, he puts her down badly.

Sahiba goes to her shop with Ajith and is saddened by how it looks. Angad walks towards her with Keerat and Veer. Ajith says that Angad saved her life because she was about to die. Angad tells Sahiba about a time when she tried to slap him and he stopped her by holding her hand. He asks her to slap him to let out her anger and promises not to stop her. She puts her hand up to hit, but then she stops. Angad gives her a tight hug and calms her as she sobs.

Virat tells Satya that he has already proposed to Sai, but that she didn’t say yes then and won’t say yes now. She and Virat are both hit by a flower.

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