Teri Meri Doriyaan Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 16th June 2023 Written Episode Update

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Teri Meri Doriyaan Written Update

Sahiba tells Veer that she is the reason why Brars lost a big deal. Veer says it’s not her fault because she did her best, and she shouldn’t worry about what Kaira says because she always says stupid things. Sahiba says that her shop won’t open again.

Angad can hear what they are saying. Seerat’s maid tells her that Jasleen is going to call her in Kiara’s room. Kiara talks to her boyfriend Jatin about how scared she is and how she thinks she might need to go to a center. When Jasleen comes in, he asks her who she was talking to. Kiara says a friend told her she needs to work hard if she doesn’t want to be second in her next test.

Jasleen compliments her and tells her that she should choose the best and most elegant things in her life, including a life partner. Seerat walks in. Jasleen shows Kiara Seerat’s earrings and says that she had to order them from Belgium. She then asks Kiara to use these earrings as a model for her own designs. Kiara makes fun of Seerat by saying that one of her sisters thinks she’s an artist and the other thinks she’s rich because she wears her mom’s expensive jewelry.

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Seerat gives Kiara her earrings back and says that Jasleen made her wear them. As soon as she goes, Jasleen asks Kiara why she was rude to Sahiba and why she shouldn’t be rude to Seerat.

Seerat sees Angad walking shakily down the hall and asks him if he is okay. He gives a yes. She says he should get help from someone. Angad says that he can do or get anything he wants. She wants to know how he is doing now and why he didn’t let her stay with him in the hospital and take care of him.

He says she is his younger brother’s wife and that his parents and wife are responsible for taking care of him. She says she can do it too. He prays to God that Garry will take such good care of her that she won’t have to worry about anyone else.

Jasleen sees them and thinks that Seerat is worrying too much about Angad. She walks over to Angad and asks him how he’s doing. He says better. She says that Akaal stopped Garry from coming back to their business, even though Garry had apologized and changed.

Angad says that Akaal is right because Garry’s mistake can’t be forgiven and they can’t trust him with their business. Seerat says that they should give Garry another shot.

Jasleen thanks Seerat for taking Garry’s side and asks her to make sure Angad agrees to include Garry in the family business. Seerat says that Angad is right that Garry can’t be trusted, that Garry doesn’t listen to her and is making a mess of his life, and that Jasleen should talk to him and try to fix him. Jasleen asks if Garry doesn’t listen to her. Seerat says that’s not what she meant.

Jasleen asks her if she is mad about Kiara’s bad behavior. She says that Kiara is upset that Garry married Seerat instead of Shanaya, but that she will get over it soon and treat Seerat well from now on. Seerat goes away. Jasleen thinks that to reach her goals, she needs to keep Seerat’s secret.

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