Teri Meri Doriyaan Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 15th June 2023 Written Episode Update

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Teri Meri Doriyaan Written Episode for today 15th June 2023 Update on TellyUpdate.in.

Teri Meri Doriyaan Written Update

Jasleen is proud of Kiara when she shows Akaal the diploma she got for making jewellery. She tells her family that they might not be happy with what her children have done. For example, Kiara has gotten the best grade in her jewellery design diploma.

Japjyoth is happy for Kiara. Angad says that when he graduated from Oxford University, Akaal gave him a gold pen with diamonds on it. Angad will give this pen to Kiara. Kiara feels happy. Sahiba congratulates Kiara and says that she always wanted to go to a school for the arts but couldn’t because her family didn’t have enough money.

Kiara says that she shouldn’t look down on her because she couldn’t reach her goal. Angad asks Kaira how she can be rude to her sister-in-law.

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Akaal stops him and asks Sahiba why she went close to Angad after he told her not to. Angad asks him why he told them to do that. Japjyoth says that Sahiba is to blame for what is wrong with Angad. Angad says that everything that happened was his fault and that he should ask her forgiveness instead for setting her shop on fire.

Seerat comes in with Garry and asks him why he is sorry when Sahiba also hurt him. Garry has Seerat in his hands and says that his wife is right. Akaal says that’s what happens when elder’s directions aren’t followed. Inder says that not all of Elder’s orders are good.

Now, Angad tells them to stop fighting. Sahiba tells Angad that he needs to rest and tries to lead him to his room.

Manveer stops Sahiba and tells her that she doesn’t trust her and that she can’t put Angad’s life in danger through her again. Angad says that Sahiba took care of him and saved his life, so he doesn’t want to hear anything bad about her. Brars hears that the client turned down Sahiba’s idea for Meri Bitiya jewellery at the last minute. Garry says that they will lose a lot of money now.

Kaira makes fun of Sahiba by saying that she makes pots but can’t make jewellery, and that her mistake is costing Brars a lot of money. She wants to know why he didn’t ask her to make the jewellery instead. Angad says that she was not there at the time.

Kiara continues to insult Sahiba. Angad tells her that he won’t put up with her nonsense again, and he’s only letting her off the hook today because it’s her result day. He says that Sahiba was the one who persuaded the client and got the deal. It was her idea, so she can’t be blamed if the client changed his mind at the last minute. From there, Jasleen takes Kiara.

Sahiba takes Angad back to his room and changes the bandage on his wound. She says she gave him the money for designing her jewellery in installments and will pay him back slowly. Angad says that’s not necessary because she’s an artist and it was her job to create the jewellery.

It was his job to get it approved, so she can’t be blamed for how it turned out. Her tear falls on his shoulder. She wipes it and says she’s sorry. He takes her hand. Seerat walks in and stands jealous. The maid tells her that the soup she ordered has been given to her. When Sahiba and Angad hear that, they start to worry. Seerat walks in and says he’s sorry for waking them up.

Angad say its okay. Seerat asks, “How are you?” Angad says that her sister’s care has made her feel much better. Seerat gives him soup that she made while she was lying. Angad says he will get it after a while. She says she wants it right away. Sahiba sees that her hand is hurt and asks her what happened. Seerat says she burned it while working in the kitchen, which is a lie.

Sahiba asks her why she is hiding her wound instead of leaving it out in the open where it can heal. Angad asks if its paining. When Seerat gets sad, he runs away. Sahiba gives Angad a bowl of soup. In the background, the song’s main track plays.

After a while, Veer walks up to Sahiba in the kitchen and tells her that Keerat pehelwan wants to talk to her. He takes the call. Keerat and Veer’s nok jhok starts. Sahiba tells Keerat that she is busy in the kitchen and will talk to her later. Keerat says that Ajith is getting fevers and doesn’t want to get blood tests. They are worried about him. Sahiba tells her not to worry because she will go home and talk to Ajith. Veer sees Sahiba painting her salad and says that even her salad is a work of art.

Sahiba, it’s for Angad, and it’s more important how you present it. She is sad that her design cost her a big deal, and she says Kiara was right. Veer says it’s not Kiara’s fault and that she’s used to putting the blame on other people. He feels bad that she lost her shop. Sahiba says that she used to watch her father make jewellery in that shop when she was a child. When she drew designs, she felt like she was watching her father make jewellery again.

That shop was everything to her, etc. Angad overhears her talking and decides that he will do whatever it takes to get her shop back.

Gurleen tells her family that she has good news for them, and she asks Angad to tell everyone. After reading the report, Angad is shocked to hear that Sahiba is pregnant.

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