Teri Meri Doriyaan Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 13th July 2023 Written Episode Update

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Teri Meri Doriyaan Written Episode 13th July 2023, Written Update on Telly Update.

Teri Meri Doriyaan Written Update: 

Garry says that he might leave the Brar house because his wife Seerat is a greedy and unfaithful woman. Jasleen tells him not to go because Brars will apologize to him if he wants to. Garry says he can’t stay in this house until Angad is there, and he charges Angad of having an affair with Seerat.

Jasleen says that if he leaves this house, he will die. Garry says he was ruined when his rights were taken away, and Seerat grabs his feet and begs him not to leave.

Jasleen asks Angad and the rest of his family to stop Garry, but they don’t say anything. Sahiba tries to make Seerat feel better. Seerat says that Sahiba’s wish has come true. She told Sahiba not to marry Garry or she would hurt herself, and now Sahiba has hurt herself.

Jasleen tells her to stop with the drama and asks what would have happened if she had stopped Garry and talked to him with love. Seerat says that she tried to explain things to him many times, but he was always rude to her and hurt her. She talks about how she always tried to hide her wounds from them, giving many different reasons.

Hansraj asks Seerat if she will follow her husband out of the house. Seerat explains more. Angad remembers his word to Seerat that she wouldn’t have any trouble at the Brar mansion until he arrived.

He tells Seerat that she is part of their family and doesn’t have to leave the house. Akaal likes the way Angad thinks and says that Angad is well-educated and cares about other people’s wives, while Garry, who grew up in the same house, has no personality.

He is proud of Angad. Gurleen and Bebe also try to calm Seerat and tell her that she doesn’t have to leave Brar mansion because of what Garry did. Jasleen yells that they are worried about Seerat but not about their own daughter and a mother who is crying for her son.

She says that Sahiba and Angad are to blame for Garry’s condition because they should have dropped the matter and asked Garry to stay back. Angad asks her not to blame them for her son’s blind love, and he tells her that Garry put Akaal in jail and tried to kill Sahiba when she told on him, but he stopped Garry just in time. When her family heard that, Jasleen stood there with a frown.

Akaal gives Angad more credit and says that Angad has shown that he will get better than he thought. He then tells Sahiba that she has shown that she is the best daughter-in-law of the Brars and that God made her and Angad’s relationship, etc.

Jasleen goes up to a crying Seerat and tells her that they should accept that Garry won’t come back. She says that they should help each other and know what’s going on from here on out.

Seerat says that she and Garry got married because Angad said she could. Jasleen says she did the right thing and that she understands how a woman who is alone feels. Seerat says even Jasleen is alone. Jasleen tells Seerat that she can’t compare herself to her because she is a Brar daughter and no one would dare look at her.

Instead, Seerat should use Angad’s word to her advantage and make sure he always looks at her. She makes her mad at Sahiba by saying that everyone knows Sahiba isn’t good enough to be Angad’s wife and that Angad loves someone else, such as Seerat.

When the power and internet go out, Sahiba is busy on her laptop. She opens the door and sees that all the other lights in the house are on. Angad walks in and asks what she is doing here if there is no electricity or internet and if she is planning something against him.

Sahiba makes fun of the fact that she is. The start of their cute nok jhok. She falls. He holds her, and they look each other in the eyes.

Before the end, Sahiba is happy that she fell in love with Angad. When Angad comes up to her, she feels shy.

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