Teri Meri Doriyaan Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 12th June 2023 Written Episode Update

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Teri Meri Doriyaan Written Episode and Written Update for June 12, 2023 on TellyUpdate.in.

Teri Meri Doriyaan Written Update

Surinder goes to the hospital to meet Angad. Angad tells him that he shouldn’t have come and that he should leave before Sahiba sees him. Surinder asks what’s going on. Sahiba enters is gets angry seeing Surinder. Surinder asks Angad if he should tell the store owners that the deal has fallen through. Angad asks him to keep going with the deal because he doesn’t want shopkeepers to bother his wife and her family.

When Sahba hears that Angad had something to do with the attack on her shop, she drops her meds. Angad sees her and says that he was going to tell her the same thing. Surinder goes. Sahiba says she can’t trust anyone anymore. Angad begs her to believe him when he says he didn’t mean anything bad and was only trying to help her family. He gets free of the IV line and walks over to her. Sahiba says that her shop was a big part of who she was and that he took it away from her. Angad keeps telling her he loves her. Nurse comes in and tells Angad to go back to bed and rest. She says that his wife’s love and care have helped him get better quickly.

Pam, who works for Angad, tells Jaspal about future business meetings, and Jaspal tells Veer that they will handle business until Angad gets better. Jasleen comes up to him and tells him not to worry because Garry will handle it. Akaal steps in and says that Garry stabbed them in the back, so he won’t let him handle business.

Garry says that he has changed and that he would really like to work. Akaal says that a person who backstabs will forget their sin, but a person who is backstabbed will not forget anything. Jasleen tries to persuade him, but he doesn’t change his mind and goes away. Seerat asks Jasleen what Garry will do if he doesn’t have any job to take care of.

Sahiba slices fruit for Angad, who is crying. Angad keeps saying sorry to her. When Inder and Manveer come in, they show that they care about him. He says everything is okay now. They see Sahiba there and tell her to leave because she is the one who made Angad sick.

Angad stops them and says that he is to blame for his situation. He then tells them about his plan to buy Sahiba’s shop through his helper. Surinder’s plan failed, and angry shopkeepers attacked Sahiba’s shop. Surinder was hurt when he tried to protect Sahiba. When Ajith walks in, he hears that. He talks to Angad about how he broke Sahiba’s dream. Sahiba takes him out. At the Monga house, Santosh cleans dishes and tells Taiji that she will set up Ajith’s food cart today because it is their only hope after their shop burned down.

When Ajith gets home, he tells his family that Angad set fire to the shop and blames him. Santosh says that Angad would never do that because he always tried to help them. Ajith says that Angad told him himself. Sahiba continues to cry. When the nurse comes to give Angad a sponge bath, she tells Sahiba to do it. Angad tells her to call a man who is a nurse. Sahiba agrees to help him give himself a sponge bath and does so with him. In the background, the Woh Jo Tha Khwab Sa.. song is playing. Sahiba asks him what he needs. Angad says her forgiveness.


Sahiba says that Angad has so much money that the world weighs on his shoulders because he tried to buy her shop and ruin her dream. Angad tells her he’s sorry.
Sahiba says she will forgive him for his other mistakes, but not for this one.

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