Teri Meri Doriyaan Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 12th July 2023 Written Episode Update

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Teri Meri Doriyaan Written Episode, Written Update for July 12, 2023 on Telly Updates.

Teri Meri Doriyaan Written Update

Akaal tells Garry to be ashamed of himself. Garry says that Angad should be embarrassed to like both his own wife and his brother’s wife. Veer knows that Garry wants to get everyone’s attention while he does this.

Hansraj asks, “What are you talking about?” Prabhjyot asks how you can say something so big, and he wants to see proof. Prabhjyot is asked by Japjyot, “How can you say that?” Hansraj says that Garry must have a reason to say this. Japjyot says that Garry will ask who said something so mean about his wife. Garry says, “I can’t take this pain any longer.

How do I tell them that Angad and Seerat are having an affair?” Angad tells Garry to stop talking. Garry says that Angad wants me to get married to Seerat so that I can change, but he really just wants to have fun.

Angad couldn’t take it anymore, so he grabbed his collar and told him that if he said anything else, he wouldn’t let him go.

Jasleen says, “I know that Seerat likes Angad, but don’t tell anyone else.” Garry tells her to stay out of it. He feels Seerat’s tears and says, “She’s crying like I’m not telling the truth.” He asks why you didn’t cry when you went there and gave him tea and hung a wind chime in his room.

He says that he has no idea what they did in the room. Seerat wants to know why I didn’t help Bebe when she was sick. She says I care about all of you.

Garry says, “What do people think? The media put up a picture of you and Angad, and some of your clients thought you were his wife.” He says that everyone will feel this way about you if you look at him and take care of him the way you do. Sahiba tells him to stop making fun of her husband and her sister.

Garry says that when your sister and her husband act in a shameless way, they will also talk in a shameless way. He tells Angad that he made him marry Seerat so that Angad could bring her home.

He also says that he thinks Angad and Seerat will go on a honeymoon together. Garry makes Sahiba angry, so she hits him. Sahiba, says Jasleen. Garry says, “If the truth will change, slap me more.” He also says, “We’re both in the same ship.

My wife was with your husband, and you’re covering up their sin.” Sahiba says that Angad has never seen Seerat so clear. She says she will tell everyone the truth and that Garry is wrong and is blaming Angad to make himself look bad in front of everyone.

Akaal asks Garry what he did. Sahiba says, “I told you I wasn’t in the video and I haven’t filed a complaint against you, but no one believed me.” She says that she swore to prove her innocence and that whatever happened to you was done by this disgusted man.

Garry says that you’re blaming me. Jasleen says she’s telling lies. Sahiba says, “I have proof against Garry,” and then plays the video.

Everyone can hear what Garry and Sara say to each other. Akaal yells, “Gary!” Garry claims that this recording is not real. Angad says this recording is real and says that I was there when Sahiba caught Garry in the act. Inderpal asks you why you helped her when you knew she was wrong.

Angad says that Sahiba was right and that we were all wrong. That’s why I didn’t sign the divorce papers. A fb is shown, and Sahiba asks, “Why didn’t you sign the divorce papers?” She then gave me a chance to show that I wasn’t guilty.

Angad tells her that his heart tells him she can’t do anything wrong, but he can’t back her up in front of his family because the guilty person could be one of them. He tells Manveer, “When you saw Sahiba with me coming out, she had really passed out.”

She says that Sara, the girl, came to the parking lot. A fb shows Sahiba telling Angad that she saw Garry with a girl in the parking lot, and when she got close, someone threw a heavy object on her head. She says, “I saw her running, and I think Garry had Daar ji in a trap.”

Angad gets angry. Sahiba tells him not to tell anyone else right now because they need to catch Garry in the act. Fb ends. He says that he was there when Garry said that he was guilty. Akaal singh gets angry.

Jasleen asks Garry what can you do with Dad? Angad asks Inderpal to give him the papers for the divorce. Someone is asked to bring the papers to Inderpal. Angad takes the papers and rips them in front of everyone. Inderpal is upset. Sahiba’s eyes start to tear up.

Angad says that he has never signed it and won’t sign it now. He says that getting a divorce is against the rules in our family. He says he won’t end his relationship with Sahiba.

He takes her hand and tells her that everyone is to blame because they didn’t believe her. Sahiba thanks him for being there for her when no one else did. Bebe goes to see Sahiba and tells her she’s sorry.

Akaal says that Garry is not the light of the house, but rather the spark that could cause their family to fall apart. Angad’s Chachi apologises to Sahiba. Sahiba tells her not to say she’s sorry. She says that no one is to blame because he set up a trap that anyone could fall into.

Seerat says that she can’t believe that he blamed Angad and her character for his mistake. Garry tells her she shouldn’t act like sati savitri. He says that he doesn’t feel bad about anything he’s done and that he did all of this because he hates Angad. Inderpal says, “That’s enough, don’t say his name, you have nothing to do with us, and Angad is no longer your brother.” Garry says that I’ve never thought of him as my brother.

Angad says that he always thought of him as his brother. Garry says he has hated Angad since he was a child and is sick of hearing good things about him. Akaal says, “I’ll make you stop being tired. You’ll never be seen near our house again, and you’ll have nothing to do with us.”

Garry says that he will leave and that he is not a kid who has to do what he says. He says that he will break up with them himself. He says, “I’m leaving for good, and the reason is that my wife is a traitor and a liar.” Seerat’s eyes start to tear up. Sahiba looks on.

Before the end, Angad says that those who did wrong will be punished, but not his family. He says that Seerat came here after getting married and that she also owns this house. He tells Seerat that he will always be there for her and holds her hand, which surprises Sahiba.

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