Pandya Store Written Update

Pandya Store 9th July 2023 Written Episode Update

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Written Episode of Pandya Store 9th July 2023, Written Update on Telly Updates.

Pandya Store Written Update

Suman starts the episode by telling everyone to sing and dance because it’s their day of independence. Dhara says yes. She plays the song “Yaadon ki baraat,” and everyone dances to it. Everyone feels sad. Suman gives the kids a hug. Shweta is asked to come by Chiku.

The cake was cut. He gives the kids the cake. Natasha tells Dhara to give Chiku the cake. Dhara tells Shweta to give Chiku the cake. The cake is given to him by Shweta and Gautam.

Mittu says, “If I eat the cake, you’ll leave.” Natasha is signed by Rishita. Shesh looks on. Natasha takes action and trips. Everyone has concerns. Someone gets water for Rishita.

Shiva is asked to call the doctor by Raavi. Natasha tells Chiku to stay put. Rishita says that he won’t leave. She gives Raavi a kiss and a signature. Raavi also plays a role and asks Chiku to look at how Natasha passed out. Shesh says I’m going to mess up their plan.

He lets the bug fall there. When Natasha sees it, she says, “Insect!” Shesh laughs and says that his mother and Natasha’s plan didn’t work. Dhara says that this place scared us. Natasha says that her mom had the right idea when she tried to stop Chiku.

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She says, “I’m sorry, Chiku, I felt sick.” Chiku tells him, “Don’t act anymore. I’ve seen a lot of drama here.” Suman gets sick to send everyone home, but it doesn’t matter because everyone is going home. He follows Shweta. Dhara tells Rishita, “I wanted to send him off happy. Why did you do this?” Rishita told me that I should stop Chiku. Shesh is called when she sees a box.

Shesh says, “Tell me, Natasha, I’m better than you.” Yes, Rishita says. You shouldn’t try to be better than your sister; instead, you should protect her. We’ll hide this box; tell Chiku to come. Chiku and Shweta’s bags are given to them. Rishita tells the children to look for the box.

Shesh tells Chiku to play one more game and then leave. Rishita plays the violin. The children try to find the box.

The box goes to Chiku. Rishita says that childhood memories are the most valuable thing. Dhara loves you a lot, so don’t leave her. Dhara goes upstairs. There are three of them. She tells them to look into it. Dev, Shiva, and Krish remember when they were young.

Suman says, “Dhara raised you all with a lot of love, I couldn’t do anything, she did this, and she has kept everything with love.” Dhara says things like, “Just like I kept Chiku’s memories, I also kept theirs. Will they stay back? No, so how can Chiku stay back?” The box is taken by Shweta.

Chiku and Shweta say goodbye. Dhara runs to her room and starts crying when she thinks of Chiku. Chiku turns to see. Dhara leaves the house quickly. She tells Chiku to stop. In the auto rickshaw, he drives away. Dhara passes out. Gautam holds her. Everyone has concerns.

Precap: Gautam says, “I want to say something. You all divide up the house. If you don’t mind, I’d like to keep the Pandya store.” Family members leave the house.

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