Pandya Store Written Update

Pandya Store 6th July 2023 Written Episode Update

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Written Episode of Pandya Store for 6th July 2023, Written Update on Telly Updates.

Pandya Store Written Update

Gautam gets a letter from the bank to start the episode. What is it? asks Dev. Gautam doesn’t say anything. I had already asked for a loan. They feel sad and remember what he said. He tells them to leave. He rips the papers apart. Dhara says that no one can stop Chiku from going, but he can never come back.

When Shweta asks me what I’m saying, I’ll tell him. Dev, Krish, and Shiva all get back home. Dhara says that relationships happen on their own and that you don’t have to try to make them happen; Chiku will decide. Gautam comes.

Dhara says that it’s fine if Chiku wants to be with you. It’s not Chiku’s fault; it’s the fault of my upbringing. My three boys are also leaving me. They are told to stop Chiku by the kids.

Gautam says Chiku is our son, how can you let him go away. He asks Chiku to listen to him. He tells her, “I’m your dad, I’ll decide, and I’ll hit you.” She says that we lost this right of parents. She sobs. She says we can’t make him do anything, so let him go.

He asks how he can go, since he is his father. She says you couldn’t stop your brothers and the house split, but you don’t agree, do you? Then you can’t stop Chiku, because he thinks of Shweta as his mother, not me. Shweta is asked to come by Chiku. Dev, Shiva and Krish stop Chiku.

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Shiva asks Chiku not to leave. Chiku goes. Gautam is about to leave, but Dhara stops him and says, “We won’t beg anyone to stay together. We’ll just be there for each other.” Suman cries. Shweta tells Chiku to think hard about whether or not he can live without Dhara and his family. He sheds tears and thinks about them.

Shiva says to take it easy. The kids run up to Chiku and beg him not to leave. Rishita tells me that I will find Chiku. Dhara pulls her back. Rishita says that Chiku is too young to know right from wrong. Natasha describes Chiku. Chiku says everyone will get split here.

She says, “Stop! We’ll have a big party for you.” He nods. They give her hugs. Rishita says that he is not guilty. Dhara asks, “Do you know what’s right and wrong? What are you going to teach him? Don’t go.” Chiku is given back to the kids. Everybody is happy.

Gautam and Dhara give him a warm hug. Natasha says we’re having a going-away party for him, so he came back. Rishita tells Chiku that Dhara is his mother. Dhara says we’ll throw him a going-away party. I want him to remember good times here.

She asks Gautam to set up plans for a party. The kids talk about how the adults fought to split up the houses. Gautam’s brothers also watch.

When Dhara thinks of Chiku, she cries. She says that this is Chiku’s Gullak, and since he likes to save money, this is his medicine. Shweta says, “I want to live with him, but I know he should be with you. How can you live without him?” Gautam shows up and listens to them. Dhara says, “I can live without Dev, Shiva, Krish, and Chiku.” Gautam cries.

Dhara says that the house is going to be sold. Shiva finds Suman and asks her to stay with him. She says no.

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