Pandya Store Written Update

Pandya Store 5th July 2023 Written Episode Update

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Written Episode of Pandya Store for 5th July 2023, Written Update on Telly Updates.

Pandya Store Written Update

At the beginning of the episode, Rishita, Prerna, and Raavi are in the house and thinking about their past. Yaadon ki baraat….plays… Prerna says I came here and said I was going to break the house. Trust me, I didn’t mean to do that. Raavi says it’s okay to think about what’s best for our kids. Rishita says that mom is sad, but that her boys give her strength.

Raavi says that we are thinking about the future of our kids because it is our job to do so. Suman and Dhara come. Dhara says that there is another duty. When the house is being split up, you should also share the work and make food for yourself. Remember that this will stay the same until this house is sold. Gautam keeps his brothers in mind. His brothers go with him.

A man makes fun of Gautam and says that it’s best for everyone to stay apart. Gautam asks what did you say. He hits the person.

The man apologises. Gautam says that the truth is sour.Rishita asks, “Why don’t you see that selling the house will make us money? We’ll leave, and love will happen.”

Shweta brings her bag with her. She says, “I’m leaving because I got a job and I don’t have a degree, so I can’t waste this chance.” Suman says, “Yes, no one wants you to stay here or together, so be happy and let everyone else be happy.” Shweta meets everyone. Rishita says to keep this change and try to improve yourself. Chiku goes down the steps.

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Shweta apologises to Dhara. Dhara hugs her. Chiku says that Shweta and I are also going. Dhara is taken aback. Shweta tells her no, this is your house, and Dhara is her mother. He says no, you are my mum. Dhara gives him a hug and asks, “Aren’t I your mum?” He says you’re not really my mother. Suman says Chiku, Dhara is your mum.

Chiku says real mum saves kids, like Malti protected you but you didn’t save us. Dhara says, “Yes, I’ll keep you safe.” He says you always say you’ll do something and then don’t. For example, you said you’d get help, but then you left. Then Shweta came. She’s my real mother, so I’ll stay with her. Gautam feels sad when he goes to the Pandya shop and sees it. Dev, Shiva, and Krish look at each other and think back to their childhoods.

Dhara asks Chiku to stop. She reaches out to him. He hugs Suman. He meets everyone and hugs. He doesn’t hug Dhara. The kids come to give Chiku a hug. They tell him he shouldn’t go. Dhara stops Rishita and tells him that no one will talk between them today. If Chiku wants to leave, he can go—I won’t stop him today—but he should never come back.

Dhara says that the house is going to be sold. Shiva finds Suman and asks her to stay with him. She says no.

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