Pandya Store Written Update

Pandya Store 3rd July 2023 Written Episode Update

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Written Episode of Pandya Store for July 3, 2023, and Written Update on Telly Updates.

Pandya Store Written Update

At the start of the episode, Raavi and Rishita have doubts about Dhara and check out her room. Suman asks Dhara if she did anything. Don’t know is what Gautam says. Dev says that we will go find the kids. Gautam says that we should start by fixing things here. Raavi goes to the cupboard to look inside.

Raavi also goes to check on Rishita’s room. Raavi says that you can do this too, that you can take everything, and that you and Dhara should only worry about Natasha. They disagree. Dhara tells them off. She says, “I did this because I don’t want the house to be split up.

Stop making a big deal out of this.” Rishita says to split the house in two. Dhara says that the children want to be with each other, so think of them. Prerna says let it happen. Gautam tells them off and asks how this happened. He says, “We were happy together, listen to me, unity is strength.” Suman says no, its too late.

The kids are afraid. Chiku says that Dhara said she won’t let the split happen. Shesh says we are going to stick together. Suman says that broken relationships can’t be fixed. Gautam and Dhara say that this will not happen. Suman says that when women fight and their husbands don’t back them up, the family is fine, but when the husbands don’t say anything, no one can stop that family from breaking up. Now, they aren’t my family anymore, they are different families. Dhara tells you all that my family is with you. Suman calls the kids outside.

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The children come down and go to their parents. If they stay together, they will fight like animals, and the house isn’t worth anything. Chiku says that if everyone goes, I will also go with Shweta Maa this time. He asks Shweta to bring him along. Dhara cries.

Mittu says that everyone wants to stay with us. Shesh asks that you don’t split us up. Dhara tells Dev to stay. We fight every day, and I don’t want our kids to grow up like this.” Shiva is asked to stay by Dhara.

She says, Don’t go. Will you leave me and go? Can’t you see my pain? Chiku and I will be left alone, but you won’t go, right?” Shiva says, “It’s been seven years, Mittu and Raavi have struggled, I can’t give them those days again, I have to be with them, I can’t leave them alone, mum is right.” Dhara gets upset and yells at them. She asks Krish why he wants to split them up.

Krish says that my baby will have a good life abroad, that Prerna has the right to choose how to raise the child, and that she wants to do it in Canada instead of here. Dhara tries to get them to stay.

Everyone goes back to their rooms. Dhara says she’s sorry, but she can’t keep her word. She sobs. Children cry. Gautam says that this is not right. He yells at them and tells them to leave their rooms. He asks why you are hiding your face and tells you to come out, tell him what you want, where to draw the line, and come out. Dhara pulls him back.

He says I’ve come to myself. Everyone is asked to come. Shiva says its happening wrong. Dev says that we are wrong, Rishita, and that we have no right to make Gautam feel this way. He is asked by Rishita to think about Natasha. Shiva asks Raavi to handle Mittu. The doors open, and Dev, Shiva, and Krish run out. Dhara says that now is not the time to talk, so calm down and we’ll talk later. Gautam tells them to leave the room. He can see. He says that this house is going to be split up today.

Rishita says, “I want the division for the sake of my daughter.” Shweta is taking Chiku with her. Dhara cries.

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