Pandya Store Written Update

Pandya Store 2nd July 2023 Written Episode Update

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Written Episode of Pandya Store for July 2, 2023, and Written Update on Telly Updates.

Pandya Store Written Update

At the beginning of the episode, Dhara tells Chiku not to tell anyone about the plan. He tells her not to be afraid. He goes into Dev’s room without him knowing and gets Shesh and Natasha out. Dev doesn’t see him. Chiku goes to Raavi’s room. Raavi wakes up. Chiku tells a lie about going to the toilet. Raavi and Shiva get back to sleep. Chiku says I couldn’t get Mittu.

Natasha and Shesh go get Mittu. Dhara cleans out the cabinet. She’s waiting for the children. Natasha and Shesh get Mittu out of bed and tell him to come out. They leave. Chiku asks Mittu to stay quiet.

Dhara smiles when she sees the kids. She tells them to pay attention. She tells us to just stick together. Mittu asks, “What is division? Is it food?” Dhara says that won’t happen.

Go sit in the closet and give me a hug first, she says. She has them write and sign a letter. Gautam wakes up to drink water. Dhara keeps the kids hidden. Gautam asks Dhara, “Why are you here? He sleeps. She puts the kids on the cupboard to hide them. The letter is given to her. She takes the letter with her and goes. It’s morning, and Rishita gets a board to make sure Natasha has money. Dhara looks on.

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Suman asks, “What does it say?” Dhara says that Rishita is going to stop eating until Natasha has enough money to live on. Raavi and Shiva have a board with them. Raavi also goes on hunger strike. Prerna also gets the same word on a board. Krish says that we will also be hungry as long as our wives are hungry. Dev and Shiva say yes. Suman, Gautam and Dhara look on.

Shweta gets a job. She says that I should go tell everyone. Gautam is in the room where Dhara is. She tells Gautam to go get something to eat. He wants to know what this bag is. She says that I should give away my old clothes. She tells him to go and closes the door. She gives the kids the food. Everyone, including Rishita, calls out to the kids. Dhara says, “Don’t make noise; I’ll just leave and return.” She gives them direction. She’s going. Raavi wants to know where the kids are. Dhara says that I, too, am looking for Chiku.

Natasha says that she can play well. Put them back in the cabinet. Raavi says kids aren’t here. The letter is given to Prerna. She reads it, and it says, “If you all split up the house, we won’t come back.” Everyone is worried. Dhara is busy. Raavi says Mittu can’t do this because someone else has planned it. She says that Chiku came to my room at night and took the children with him. Dhara says, “Don’t always go after Chiku. Is he the leader of the kids?” Raavi says, “You’ve done all of this, and you don’t want the division to happen, so I have to check your room.”

Recap: Rishita says, “I want the division for the sake of my daughter.” Shweta is taking Chiku with her. Dhara cries.

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