Pandya Store Written Update

Pandya Store 28th June 2023 Written Episode Update

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Pandya Store 28th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates.

Pandya Store Written Update

At the beginning of the episode, Shweta looks for a job. Chiku asks you where you’re going. Shweta says that once I get a job, I have to leave because this is your house and I can’t stay here. He asks her to stick around. Dhara looks on. She thinks about what to say to him.

Krish says that troubles keep coming up. Gautam says that the Lord wants us to stick together, so he sends us problems to keep us together. He thinks about what Darshan said. He thinks about the land. He says, “I think we lose sight of our main goal when we get caught up in life’s problems.”

What does Krish ask? Gautam says that our goal is to turn the Pandya store into a supermarket and open one in every city. He asks if we are ready to make his dad’s dream come true. Shiva says we should go, so we will. Gautam says that we do now have children.

The other kids pick on Mittu and destroy his books. Mittu cries. Dhara is the one who cooks. Gautam comes home. The food is good. She says that she’s afraid about Chiku because he doesn’t see her as his mother. He gets her going by telling her, “You’re my mum.” She tells me I can’t fail. They kiss. Rishita shows up. She says I need to talk to her about something.

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He asks, “What is it?” Rishita says, “I’m stressed out.” He says that Chutki will soon feel better. She says that we aren’t lucky enough to live forever, and if Natasha stays sick, who will care for her? Dhara says that it is where her boys are. Rishita says, “I always think of myself, wife. Natasha won’t be taken care of by her brothers’ wives. We have to think of her. I we should keep something on her name to keep her safe.” Raavi shows up and asks what’s going on.

Dhara says nothing. Raavi asks why did you get quiet. Gautam says its nothing. She tells them to tell her. Mittu is crying, so Chiku asks her why. Mittu doesn’t like his peers. Shesh comes over and asks Mittu what’s wrong. Chiku says he is getting bullied. He wants to know who it was. They will follow Mittu. I want to know what Rishita was saying, says Raavi. Shiva tells her to go get lunch.

He tells me I can get it at the store. Chiku and Shesh yell at the boys and tell them to tell Mittu they’re sorry. The boys will fight. Comes the teacher. The boys don’t like Chiku. Chiku says that we didn’t do anything because the boys tore my brother’s book and ate Mittu’s lunch every day.

Mittu says, “Yes, every day they bother me.” Chiku says that we were punishing them. Teacher says you’re not the principal, so you should tell teacher to come with you to the principal’s office. The kids apologise. He says he’s sorry, please come with him. Suman speaks with the woman. Raavi’s school calls him. She says that nobody can fight with my son.

She is asked to come to school by her teacher. Raavi runs. Also going are Dhara and Rishita. Shiva says, “Tell me what happened.” Mittu tells Chiku, “Thanks for teaching them a lesson.” Chiku says, “I’ll make sure no one bothers you.” Shesh says, “We’ll teach you Shesh says, “Okay, it’s our job to keep you safe.” People from the family come. Mittu is asked by Raavi why he fought. Mittu says that I didn’t fight, but that Chiku and Shesh did.

Shesh says that they tore Mittu’s book, which made Mittu cry, so we comforted him. Shiva says, “You are my son, fight them yourself.” Chiku and Shesh hug and thank him. Mittu says I didn’t do anything. Shiva says that you should have beaten them. The teacher watches. Mittu says mom says fighting is bad. Shiva’s teacher asks what he is teaching. Shiva says that I’m teaching him how to fight back. Dhara tells Shiva to relax.

She tells Chiku, “Again, you’ve done the same thing.” Chiku wants to know if I’ll check to see if anyone bothers my brother. He has a fight with her. He says that I will learn everything from Shweta.

Rishita asks Dhara how the house will be split up. Dhara hugs Chiku. He takes Shweta with him.

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