Pandya Store Written Update

Pandya Store 27th June 2023 Written Episode Update

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Pandya Store 27th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates.

Pandya Store Written Update

Rishita doesn’t notice the doll house at the beginning of the episode. She calls Dhara and queries why the doll house was taken out. I have the keys, adds Dhara, and it’s in the cabinet. She and Rishita are at odds. Dhara claims that because I’m with Chiku, I can’t go. Rishita strikes the cabinet out of rage. She sobs as she sits.

She dries her tears, Natasha. She tells me not to bother you, so don’t cry. Everyone is preoccupied with their own children, according to Rishita, and I have no idea how to make you happy. Chiku is urged by Dhara not to leave the shrine. He is taken to the temple by her. Natasha is told by Rishita to wait; she will soon arrive. Dhara claims, “I’m afraid I’ll lose you.” My mother, he claims, is Shweta. I live for your sake, she claims. He claims that if you had loved me, you would have saved me; instead, you went, and Shweta and everyone else came to save me.

I must go back to Shweta eventually. She claims that I sought assistance because Arushi had mistreated Malti and myself. I overheard your mother say that a genuine mother comes to save her children, but Shweta took care of it for me, he claims. He makes off. Rishita makes an attempt to open the cabinet. She takes the doll house out after opening it. Natasha grinning. I know what to do for you, Rishita adds, so come. Dhara sobs and cries out in prayer for her kin. Running after Chiku, she. She begs you not to do this since she loves and depends on you so much.

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He takes off. She chases him down. A fall occurs. Suman requests that Prerna accompany the woman so she can receive a massage. I can’t go, Prerna says. You need to take care of yourself and the kid, Suman enquires. Don’t waste my time, the lady adds; I’ll be there later. She is asked to leave by Prerna. Suman claims that woman is well-known. It’s okay, says Krish.

Prerna claims the she was unsanitary and that I would become sick. Suman requests that Krish get Prerna a top-notch nurse or a nanny. Prerna claims that I don’t feel at ease with it. Chiku is brought home by Dhara. Suman and Prerna are at odds.

Prerna is tasked by Dhara with comprehending what Suman is saying. We are one big family, she says, so get used to us. You must comprehend this, too, Rishita explains, as the family is already developing. Natasha leaves with Chiku. Rishita claims that we currently have children and our own families. Are we now relatives, Dhara queries.

She queries whether Suman and I have any legal authority to address Prerna. Rishita claims that you began this and that you came to give Natasha the doll home even though you were preoccupied with Chiku. She is urged to halt by Suman. When your daughter needed a kidney, Dhara gave it to her. If Dhara had refused, what would you have done? She claims that we shall always be one. What are you saying about doll houses?

Prerna, you will receive a massage tomorrow because you are familiar with our family and because you married Krish even before that. Be prepared. Prerna, come take a nap, says Krish. Prerna and Krish argue in their room. She claims that there is no joy in this place. He invites her to pick up knowledge from Dhara. Suman asserts that keeping Natasha and Shesh together is impossible if you don’t comprehend why there are many reasons to sever ties and just one to maintain the family intact. Dhara embraces Suman.

Rishita asks Dhara for the breakdown of the houses. Dhara embraces Chiku. Leaving with Shweta, he.

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