Pandya Store Written Update

Pandya Store 26th June 2023 Written Episode Update

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Written Episode of Pandya Store for 26 June 2023, Written Update on Telly Updates.

Pandya Store Written Update

Dhara starts the episode by singing the aarti. When Chiku sees her, he thinks about how she didn’t save him. Suman shows up to pray. She says, “I’m sorry, I’ve always teased you.” Dhara says, “I know the love that’s hiding behind the taunts. A mother has every right to say whatever she wants to her daughter. You’re my mother, Saas, Sasur, everything for me. Don’t ever leave me.” She cries and tells her mother she loves her.

Suman says I love you. Rishita comes over and watches. Dhara says, “I never tried to understand my mother because I always thought she wasn’t a good mother. But the truth is, I didn’t deserve to be her daughter. She gave her life for me, but I’m so bad that I couldn’t be a good daughter.” Suman says, “No, you’re not bad. You’ve loved and cared for me so much. I know no one can replace a mother, but I’m also your mother, and I love you very much. When a mother dies, Maayka ends, but don’t forget that this is your Maayka and Sasural.”

Dhara cries and hugs her. Chiku is told by Rishita to go get ready for school. He goes. Dhara says, “Get him ready, and I’ll come.” Mittu’s dad, Raavi, tells her to get ready for school. Shiva helps out. He gets Mittu all set up. They hear that a boy told people about the deadly gas and saved lives by telling them about it.

Shiva tells Mittu that she should fight back if someone hurts him. Raavi believes I keep him from getting into fights. Shweta talks about a job while on call. Chiku comes over and tells her to put her bag together. She gives him aid. He smiles. Dhara comes over and watches. Natasha says, “I have to go to school because my fans are waiting.” Rishita tells him to wait a few days. Natasha says I want to go. Rishita says that it will only take a few days. Natasha is sad. Rishita gets Shesh all set up. Mittu says but mum says… Raavi says to hurry up and get him ready.

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She goes to breakfast with Mittu. Shiva asks why you are in such a hurry. Dhara says, “I was waiting for you to get ready. Chiku tells her not to do anything for her because Shweta will do it. He says that he won’t go with Dhara. Dhara says it’s his day for a picnic. She tells him to leave. He says no. I know, right. Dhara says that Shweta doesn’t know where to take you. Shweta says, “Yes, you can go with Dhara. I’ll pick you up in the evening.” Dhara says thank you. She tells Chiku to join her. She says I’m not as bad as I seem.

Shiva says, “I’m going to give up Shesh and Mittu.” Raavi says that you can look after Chutki. Shesh is asked to go by Rishita. No more shesh. Rishita watches with worry.

Dhara says we aren’t coming along. She tells Chiku to sit down on the rickshaw. She says that Chiku has to go somewhere else, so I’m taking him. Raavi says fine. Rishita thinks about what to do, but Natasha will be stubborn about going to school. She looks at the pills. She says that she will ask Gautam for help because the medicine is expensive.

Gautam comes over and asks, “Should I get Natasha’s medicine? I’m going to get Dhara’s medicine.” She says I didn’t have enough money. He says, “I’m alive, and I’ll pay for her medicine. Tell Dev to tell me when he comes.” Rishita says “thank you.” Shweta gets Natasha a bowl of soup. She wants to play a game with Natasha. She says, “I know you’re all worried because I’ve been there.

I didn’t have the money for her kidney transplant, and I didn’t have a job. But Natasha is so talented that she used to act and make money, so I made it.” Gautam says, “I’ll take care of everything. Natasha won’t have to worry about a thing.” Natasha gets a hug.

Natasha told me that Rishita won’t let me go to school. Gautam says, “Don’t worry, I’ll take you. I promise.” He goes. Natasha asks Bade when he will Take me to school, Papa. Rishita says he will take you with him, and we will play with the doll house in Dhara’s room.

She gets sad. She sobs. Natasha asks you why you’re so sad. Rishita says nothing. Natasha embraces her. Rishita brings her to where Dhara is. Chiku says that this place is a temple, so how can there be a lunch here? Dhara says that this is it. He says, “You told me a lie, and now I don’t want to talk to you.” He takes off.

Rishita and Raavi ask for a share of the property. Dhara is upset, so she asks Chiku to talk to her.

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