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Pandya Store 24th June 2023 Written Episode Update

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Pandya Store 24th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pandya Store Written Update

Dhara is startled to encounter Malti at the beginning of the episode. Are you okay, she queries. Malti is placed on her lap. I’ve arrived, she claims, so everything will be OK. We’ll take her to the hospital, Shiva says. No, says Malti. I won’t let anything happen to you, Dhara promises. You wouldn’t endanger your life for me, according to Malti. Arushi observes.

Dhara queries, “Why did you rescue my life? We continue to be irritated with the one we love. I didn’t let animosity to fester in our relationship. Everyone observes. Malti says I’ve messed up too much; a mother defends her child; leave the area; the gas is deadly. Dhara declines to leave.

Fulfill my final request, forgive Arushi—she harbors this resentment toward me—and swear to me that you won’t inform the police. Dhara concurs. Thanks to her, Malti. She passes away. She is prompted to stand up and turn her head. Everybody sobs. Kuch nahi… plays… Dhara thinks of Malti.
Dhara collapses. Shiva and Gautam worry. Arushi sobs while watching.

Gautam is securing Dhara. Police and a medical team arrive. A doctor examines Malti. Malti is visited by Arushi. She sobs while holding her. Dhara and kids are treated by doctors. Arushi remembers what Malti said.

An ambulance is used to transport Malti. Are you okay, Gautam queries. Are the kids okay, Dhara queries. She observes Natasha and Chiku. Chiku rises. Dhara extends a hand. Chiku keeps in mind what Malti said. He enters Shweta after saying “Maa.” Shweta embraces him.

Dhara cries. Are you feeling better, Shweta queries. Chiku affirms. Where is Maa, Dhara queries. Listen to me, Gautam commands. Inspector predicts that we will track down the business that put the chemicals here.

Dhara and the kids are frequently seen on the news. They feel content. When they learn of Malti’s passing, they are shocked. Krish claims that this occurred shortly after she received her mother. Prerna sobs. Where is my mother, Dhara asks.

Doctor explains that because of your mother’s infection, we had to send her for a postmortem; regrettably, her final rites will take place there. Dhara is in awe.

Dhara pursues the ambulance in the precap. Chiku advises me to think of Shweta as my mother. Dhara administers Malti’s last rites. She asserts that I can never pardon Arushi.

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