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Pandya Store 22nd June 2023 Written Episode Update

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Written Episode of Pandya Store for June 22, 2023, as posted on

Pandya Store Written Update:

The youngsters call for aid at the beginning of the episode. Dhara yells at them. We are, says Chiku. Dhara notices them down in a pit. She requests that they not cry. She feels woozy. She extends her hand for the pull. Shiva and Gautam repair the vehicle. They go away.

We are having trouble breathing, according to Natasha. Dhara lauds your fortitude. As she observes, Arushi questions what she did—she had planned to murder Dhra—and wonders how the children got here and how to save them. To hold the dupatta and stand up, Dhara commands them. She misfires. The kids start becoming dizzy. They are urged to persevere by Dhara. The phone of Arushi rings.

Dhara turns to look as she hears the sound. Everyone arrives at the location with Gautam. There, Shiva discovers Dhara’s phone. Arushi runs off. In response to Malti’s call, she says Dhara didn’t arrive and left her alone. Come home, Malti says; we shall depart.

There, she obtains the masks. Dhara claims I’ll seek assistance, come, and stay here. Malti queries how these police masks from an alien site ended up here. Arushi ends the phone call. Malti becomes enraged and declares, “I will not let Dhara burn in the fire of hatred.” Arushi had planned this against Dhara.

Dhara grabs Arushi as she sees her. Are you okay after aliens abducted you, she queries. They’re stuck there, they’re going to die. I’ll go fetch what Arushi says we need to save them. The children shout “Dhara!” Arushi apologizes to God and admits that she made a mistake.

She goes. Dhara returns to the children. Gautam is shown Dhara’s phone by Shiva. Gautam is anxious. Did aliens kidnap Dhara, she wonders. Rishita says we’ll head over to see. Shweta argues that we shouldn’t go there since we need to first take care of ourselves before looking for the children and getting the masks from the safety van.

Shiva departs to obtain the masks. Arushi is called by Dhara. Arushi is asked to arrive quickly. I’ll help Arushi and come, according to Dhara. Chiku claims she didn’t save us and isn’t really our mother. Dhara stumbles and suffers a head injury. Everyone searches for Dhara, including Gautam. When Malti calls Arushi.

She queries your location and well-being. I’m fine, says Arushi, but please think of Dhara since she is dying. Malti wonders what you mean and if you were so consumed by rage that you broke off your one and only relationship.

According to Arushi, I killed Dhara because of you since you loved her. Malti reprimands her. Shiva gets her call. Dhara opens her eyes after hearing the children yelling. Malti gets to the location. She calls me and says Dhara is going to die, save my daughter.

Arushi fooled Dhara and invited her here to exact revenge because you didn’t marry Arushi. Shiva is in awe.

Dhara loses Malti in the precap. She claims that I lost Chiku and my mother due to your animosity. Arushi sobs.

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