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Pandya Store 20th June 2023 Written Episode Update

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Pandya Store 20th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pandya Store Written Update

Dhara and Suman talk about Chiku when the episode starts. Malti is asked by Arushi to help her pack. She says that we will return. Malti asks why already. Arushi wants to know why Dhara went back to you. Malti disagrees, stating that Dhara has made an effort to comprehend me today. Suman says that children are like sand, and we shouldn’t try to hold them in our hands.

Instead, we should keep our hands open and let him go to Shweta. He will be yours, just like my children have always been both mine and yours. It will be hard for me to stay here, I’m scared because I heard aliens have come here, it’s not safe, and I want to apologise to Dhara.” Malti You should come with me soon. Promise me, and tell Dhara that I’ll be sorry for my mistakes. I love you.” Malti laughs. Raavi gets Shiva a glass of milk. He is happy.

They hug and say “I love you.” She tells him she needs meds. The two of them talk. She says that we will thank God at temple tomorrow. He says, “Yes, I think we should go. I think Arushi will cause us trouble.” She asks if you care about her. He says, “No, I love you, and I don’t want punishment for my family.” She tells him not to get upset.

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She says, “Go to sleep now, we’re going to the temple and then the doctor.” He gets close to her. Mann mast magan… plays… They kiss. Dhara sees Chiku and Shweta together. Shweta says that you should have told Dhara that you were sorry. Get ready, kids. They ask Chiku about his new outfit. Chiku and Dhara fight over a new outfit.

He says, “I know now that you’re not my mother.” The neighbour comes to the house and tells the family that the kids shouldn’t go to school. She says that aliens are here. Prerna says that we shouldn’t be careless about this. I have to go somewhere else.” Shesh tells Chiku not to worry because Dhara didn’t come because she is afraid of aliens and isn’t really Chiku’s mother. Dhara goes over to Malti to talk.

At school, Chiku thinks about what Dhara said. The kids are mean to him. He fights with Chiku. The teacher tells the children off. Chiku lies to Natasha. The boy says that Chiku and I have fought. Malti calls Dhara and tells her, “I want to leave this city.” She is asked by Dhara to stay with her.  She needs me.

I’ll come whenever you need me, but I have to go now because Arushi wants to meet you.” Dhara says, “Okay, I’ll go meet her and try to persuade her to stay. I won’t let you leave, so ask Arushi to send me the address.” Arushi laughs. She is planning on killing Dhara.

Gautam and Rishita look for Dhara and the kids, who have gone missing.

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