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Pandya Store 17th June 2023 Written Episode Update

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At the beginning of the episode, Dhara calls out to Shiva. She comes in through a window and looks for him in the room. She tells everyone that Shiva has left the room and is no longer there. Raavi says, “I feared this would happen. He ran away. Is he with Arushi?” Prerna tells Krish, “No, it’s fine, I didn’t let go of your hand.” Dhara says to just think about Raavi and stop being so self-centered.

Prerna says sorry. Rishita says that I won’t get married. Malti calls Dhara and tells her that Shiva and Arushi are getting married soon at the Shiv Gauri temple. Raavi says I should die. Dhara says, “Don’t worry, I’ll make sure nothing bad happens.” Raavi says, “You told me you would marry me off to Shiva. Where is Shiva?” Suman says that we need to go stop the wedding. When Dhara calls Pandit, she tells him to come. People hurry.

Malti sees Shiva and Arushi doing a prayer. Shiva says that we will now be called Shiv and Parvati. Arushi answers, “Yes, I’m excited.”

Rishita and Raavi have a fight. Raavi says, “I’ll send you all to jail because you’re rude, selfish, and everything else.” She asks Shweta why she is going to be there. No, says Shweta. Take me there. Suman says, “Sit down.” Shiva and Arushi are stopped by Malti. She says that this wedding can’t happen because it’s against the law. Arushi holds her back.

Shiva asks what’s wrong with it. Malti says that Shiva is already married and can’t get married again. She also says that Shiva’s daughter fell in love and is about to do something wrong. Shiva says, “Don’t be silly, I’m not married.” Malti is pushed to the ground by Arushi. Natasha likes a doll. Chiku takes it away from the woman and gives it to Natasha.

The two people chase after the car and stop it. The children fight. Gautam gets in the way. A fight breaks out between the man and Gautam. In traffic, everyone gets stuck.

Raavi says I will send Shiva to jail. Suman says that we will say what you want us to say. Shiva says that you shouldn’t have pushed her because she’s your mother. The puja is done, says the Pandit. Dhara, Krish, and Dev go to find out what is going on. People watch as Gautam fights the man.

The woman says that Chiku took the doll out of her hand and that this man is beating her husband. Dhara apologises. The woman says that you teach your children that stealing is wrong. Dhara tells the children to sit down in the car. They go away. Shiva and Arushi sit in the mandap and share garlands. For the rounds, Pandit tells them to stand up. Arushi laughs. Shiva goes with her to the weddings. He thinks about his wedding to Raavi.

Faltu 17th June 2023 Written Episode Update

He thinks about the time he spent with Raavi and Mittu. Pandit tells the girl to go first on the rounds. Shiva imagines Raavi. Shiva is asked to come by Arushi. The gathbandhan is broken by him. Everyone, including Raavi, gets to the TEMPLE. Shiva sees Raavi and all the other people coming. He is happy.

Arushi tells him, “Don’t do this with me. Please marry me instead.” Raavi slaps her. She tells her off.

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