Pandya Store Written Update

Pandya Store 17th July 2023 Written Episode Update

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Written Episode of Pandya Store 17th July 2023, Written Update on Telly Updates.

Pandya Store Written Update

At the beginning of the episode, Dhara and her family meet Hardik. She cries and hugs him. Suman says you made the right choice by not getting married in Somnath. In front of the panipuri stand, Arushi and Shivank make up stories. The panipuri is what they eat.

Hardik tells everyone about his wife, Kajal. He says she was born to Deven and Kiran. He says that this is his family and his whole life. Dhara hugs Kajal. Hardik says that my wife is pretty. No one speaks. Shivank runs into a police officer and they start arguing. The officer asks if he should put you in jail. You’re lucky that you’re related to Gautam, whose wedding plans are in the works.

Shivank says that we got married. The police officer says I didn’t get the card. Shivank says our wedding will be in Ahmedabad, and only family members will be there. Constable has his doubts. Arushi tells him that he can tell Gautam. Shivank says he won’t tell people to come.

Hardik says, “Take the room keys; I’ve taken care of everything else; go to bed and sleep.” Dhara cries and hugs him. She tells you that you won’t be alone and that she’s happy for you.

He asks you what’s wrong and if everything is okay at home. She says, “Yes, it’s just that I’m tired of travelling.” There, Arushi and Shivank go. Someone tells them about royal resort. The man says, “This is the first time I’ve seen stylish panipuri vendors.” Arushi says that we work at a five-star hotel. The address is given by the man.

He goes after them. Arushi asks if you want to come with us. She says, “Thanks for giving us the address. The man says, “I want to try the panipuri at the Big Hotel, and I’ll pay for it.” Shivank says that we don’t have much left, so go now.

Hardik says, “I can see right through your lie, so tell me the truth.” Dhara says we will talk later. He says, “Okay, we won’t leave until you tell me.” He tells her to tell him. She says what Malti is like. He gets angry.

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He says, “Whether you asked her or not, when she left two innocent kids, give me her number and I’ll talk to her. We don’t need her.” She says she doesn’t want to talk to you. He says that it means she has left again. She says that she no longer is.

He gets shocked. She says that she left us again, went to Somnath, and then died to save her life. He told me that you didn’t tell me about her. She says, “How could I tell you that she left again? I’m sorry that she has another daughter from her second marriage. Her name is Arushi, and she considers me her enemy.

I don’t know who made her hate me.” Shivank and Arushi run away from him. They fool him, then leave. Dhara says that we finally had a baby after many years. I couldn’t handle how happy that made me, so we will now focus on your wedding. The man wants to know where he can put the bags. Dhara says, “I have no idea about the bags.” Hardik wants to know why you don’t know.

Dhara says that the Pandya family was a sign of togetherness for you, but that it has broken up because of your new ideas. This is how we got separated. She’ll say anything. He’s crying. There, Shivank and Arushi go. He says that Hardik is your stepbrother and asks if you’ve met him before. She says that Hardik and Malti are from Dhara. Well, what about me? He says that I will kill all of the Pandyas.

Gautam says that Arushi and Shivank will come back to get back at us. Arushi and Shivank make the water that will kill people. Dev, Krish, and Shiva say that they won’t be able to do what they want.

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