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Pandya Store 15th June 2023 Written Episode Update

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Pandya Store 15th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pandya Store Written Update

At the beginning of the episode, Arushi calls Shiva. He tells you that a car will come to pick you up, so get ready and we will meet. Krish hugs Prerna. Shweta comes and tells them that the wedding needs to happen soon. Dev and Rishita walk in with smiles. Raavi starts to cry and tells Somnath to save her. Rishita says act normal. Raavi says fine.

Rishita and Dev are asked to sit in the mandap by Dhara. Shweta has brought Krish and Prerna with her. Krish and Prerna are blessed by Dhara and Suman. Dhara gets a call from the pandit. She tells him to hide and wait for her. She goes looking for him. The pandit is seen by Kanta. She says, “Tell me where you want to go, and I’ll help you get there.” Dhara looks on and hides.

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She throws a stone at Kanta, which hits him. Kanta tells the person who threw the rock to come out. Dhara runs away with the pandit. Pandit says that it is good luck to come through the front door and not the back door. Dhara just tells him to come. Pandit says that you told him about one pair, but there are actually two couples here. Shiva says, “There are three couples, and I’m one of them.” Pandit wants to know where your bride is. Dhara says to read these two couples’ vows.

Shiva says to wait, because Arushi is on her way. Dhara says that Gautam picked her up. Shiva calls Arushi. Dhara fears. She makes Shiva drop his phone in the water. Suman says, “Good job.” Shiva asks, “How do I call?” Put it in rice, says Prerna. Krish says that it’s broken. Dhara says, “I’ll get a new one, but you should marry these two people first.” Raavi comes to you and says, “Get my Dev married to this girl, but if he does, I’ll kill myself.”

She does a play. She is singing, according to Shiva. She says that my thoughts are unique. She tells Dev off. Suman and Dhara tell Raavi to stop. Shiva asks Dev to go. Suman asks Shiva to save Raavi. Shiva will take care of this, Shweta says. Suman says someone save her.

Dev says get us married. Raavi will die. Rishita says, “If this wedding doesn’t happen, I’ll jump into the well.” Shiva wants to know what it is. Dhara says to stop doing this. Dev says you can’t leave me. Suman tells Dev to stop Raavi and save her. Shiva tells Rishita to take Dev with her and jump. He scolds Dev. Pandit asks who is getting married. Suman asks Shiva to save Raavi.

Dev does a play. I’m going to save her, you see the other party.” Dhara says that he is so rude. Rishita runs up to Dev and jumps into his arms. Suman wants to know who will help Raavi. She tells Shiva to go help her. I will do something, Shweta says. Suman pulls her back. Shweta says that she needs to be saved. Shiva tells Raavi that he can’t do this. Suman asks him to save Raavi.

Dhara tells Shiva, “If you don’t save Raavi, she’ll die and I’ll leave.” Krish, Shiva tells you, go save Raavi. Prerna says no, he won’t get up, Shweta can sit in the mandap, and I won’t take a chance. Krish tells you that you are free to go save Raavi.

Raavi says, “I’ve set up the rope noose.” Dhara asks what’s going on, and she tells him that she also got the stool. Shiva thinks back on the past. He runs to save Raavi. He breaks the door and gets inside. Everybody is happy. Krish says get us married, pandit ji. For pheras, Pandit tells them to stand up. Shiva asks Raavi to leave it. Raavi holds him.

The rounds are done by Krish and Prerna. Everyone looks on. Dev and everyone else give them flowers. Raavi wants to know why you saved him. She feels dizzy when Shiva holds her. Shiva thinks back on the past. Krish puts a mangalsutra around Prerna’s neck and fills her sindoor. Krish got married, according to Suman. Pandit says that the marriage is over.

They give each other a hug. Krish and Prerna are on everyone’s minds. Raavi makes his way to the well. Shiva holds her back. Dhara tells her to get off of there.

In the last sentence, Dhara asks Shiva to open the door. I will marry Arushi, says Shiva. Dhara doesn’t see Shiva in his room.

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