Pandya Store Written Update

Pandya Store 15th July 2023 Written Episode Update

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Written Episode of Pandya Store 15th July 2023, Written Update on Telly Updates.

Pandya Store Written Update

Natasha says, “I’ll bring everyone together, and I’ll bring you and Chiku together.” Dhara is heard. Natasha says that Dhara will come looking for us. Chiku says that only a real mother comes to look for a child. Dhara goes over to the children. Chiku tells her to leave. He says, “You don’t love me, do you? Then why did you come? Shweta will find me.

Leave.” She says, “I really love you.” He says that on that day, you didn’t let me go. She asks, “Didn’t I stop you? You were stubborn, you didn’t listen to me. I used to make you play puzzle games.

Can the puzzle go on if we put in the wrong piece? Relationships are important to move on.” Natasha wants to know how we can tell which piece is wrong and which is right.

Dhara says that the right connections can last a lifetime. Natasha says that you don’t care about him. Dhara says that we love each other very much, but we love our kids more. Natasha says Chiku is going to show up. Chiku refuses. Everybody shows up. Chiku told me that my real mum has arrived.

Dhara tells her to stay put because she will get the kids. Shweta hugs Chiku. Rishita hugs Natasha. Shweta says she’s sorry and asks you to come with her.

Dhara asks Gautam to stop Chiku. Chiku will follow Shweta. Everybody goes home. Dhara is a cook. Raavi wants to help. Dhara says its okay, I will do. Suman says, “You can all see what’s going on, and you won’t be able to make it on your own.

Stay where you want, but my grandchildren will stay here, because I can’t live without them.” Rishita says I agree. Raavi says as you say, Maa.

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Suman says that you started this fight and split the house. Dhara gets a call. What? she asks. He wants to know what happened. Dhara gives hugs and smiles at everyone. They want to know what went on. Suman asks did you get a ticket.

Dhara says that Hardik got married legally and that he will come to Somnath for the sangeet and reception. I didn’t tell him that Malti had died because I didn’t want to bring him back to the past. Suman asks him when he’ll be there.

Dhara says that he would like to get married in Ahmedabad. Suman says that he worked for his boss and married his boss’s daughter. Since he is now the boss, this is a good thing. Dhara laughs.

Shivank is saved by Arushi. Hardik talks to Dhara through a live call. She says I was so happy and couldn’t wait to tell them. He asks if everyone is going to be at my wedding. Dhara says yes, so Gautam, Suman, and I will come. He says, “Why don’t you all come? We’ll do a Jalsa.” Hardik is what everyone wants.

Hardik says, “You all have to come. I don’t have any family, and my in-laws want to see how a family stays together. I always tell them your stories, and we’ll meet at the wedding.” Suman gets sad. Dhara says that you don’t have to come if you don’t want to.

Raavi says that if you don’t want us to come, we won’t. Dhara says that’s not true. Suman says we have to go. He told his Sasural that we are united, so we have to go and show that we are united. Hardik did a lot for our family, so we should go. Shiva says we should go, so we will.

Both Dev and Krish agree. Shivank and Arushi talk as they walk away from the police office. He says that you might have called me to help with something good. She says that Dhara died. He watches her. He chuckles.

He says, “The whole Pandya family should die because they insulted me. I can’t get back at Dhara alone; it will be fun when the whole Pandya family pays for this.” She is surprised.

She tells him, “Kill the Pandyas, and I’ll kill Dhara.” He says done. Rishita says that we are going home. Natasha tells Dhara maa not to worry, Chiku will come home, we have a plan, and I will stay here. Dhara hugs her. Natasha says that if Chiku calls, I will talk to him.

When Chiku hears Shweta, he thinks of a way to help Natasha with her plan. He throws stuff. Shweta worries. She asks you why you are getting mad. Suman says Natasha should stay here with Dhara because Dhara gave Natasha her heart.

Rishita should go pack. Rishita says yes. Suman says, “I wish my kids had stayed with me, too.” She tells them to eat and leave.

Shweta asks you why you’re acting this way. Chiku says, “Don’t take me to Dubai. You’re a bad mother, and I don’t want to stay with you.” Shweta is upset, so she calls Dhara. Suman smiles when he sees his family eating together. Dhara, too, smiles when she sees them.

She tells Dev to eat good food. She brings out more rotis. Suman thinks that this family is related to hers. I hope that their happiness doesn’t change. Shivank and Arushi are happy.

Dhara says that we will spend the days with each other. Rishita says that since Dev and Gautam have always been there for us, so will we. Krish says that we will buy them a house. Shiva says I will work at Pandya store.

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