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Pandya Store 13th June 2023 Written Episode Update

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Written Episode of Pandya Store 13th June 2023, Written Update on

Pandya Store Written Update

At the beginning of the episode, the teacher talks badly about Chiku. She tells Chiku to read the essay he wrote about moms. Chiku reads it. Dhara cries when he says that a mother is a liar, that she is bad, and that bad turns out to be good for her. Teacher says that your family problems bother him a lot.

Dhara says he’s sorry, but it wasn’t his fault. Chiku goes away. Dhara says he is facing a big trauma. Arushi says that Shiva isn’t picking up when I call him. Shiva and Shweta go home. Shiva says hi to them. He says, “Tomorrow is our wedding, and I have the haldi for Arushi.” He requests that Malti bless him. He tells her to use this on Arushi. He goes.

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“What are you going to do now that Dhara has sent you the haldi?” Arushi inquires. Dhara and Chiku go to their house. Malti asks her why she sent Haldi, since she knows Shiva will get his memory back and go back to Raavi. Dhara says, “I hate you because of you. Chiku hates me because of you.” Malti apologises. She tells her to stop talking about her marriage. Dhara says, “I tried to stop you, but my wish didn’t come true.

This wish won’t come true either, because Chiku will never hate me. I will change his heart and get his love and respect back, because that’s my right.” She will go home. Malti says that I couldn’t make my children feel better and heal their wounds. When Suman sees Dhara upset, he asks, “What happened now?” Dhara hugs her. She asks if she’s a bad parent. Suman says that Devki’s house is smaller than Yashoda’s. She says that everyone learns from time, and that once Chiku grows up, your relationship with him will get better. Shweta looks on. Arushi says, “I’ll put on the haldi.” The haldi is put on. She has the sensation that her skin is on fire.

Malti wants to know what went on. Dhara says to Shweta, “Today, you and I became one.” I didn’t know Chiku hated me. I will get love and respect for myself and for you, too. He has to accept that he has two mothers.” Shweta gives her a hug and says, “Thank you. I’ll make up for my mistakes and be a good mother.” Suman tells her she needs to stop. She tells Dhara not to get caught by Shweta. She says Shweta will take away Chiku.

Dhara says, “I’m doing this for Chiku, and I don’t want Chiku to hate me.” Rishita starts to whine. Dev asks do you want sangeet also. Rishita says yes. Dev says that we will make plans. It’s too late, she says. Shiva tells her off. Suman has said that there will be no band baaja. Dhara tells Rishita, “Don’t worry, I’ve thought of something to make everyone happy.” Suman says stop thinking. Dhara says, “I promise you that nothing bad will happen.” She hires some artists. She says that Sangeet and Dhamaal will be there. Shiva appreciates Dhara. Rishita gives Dhara a hug and says thank you. Everyone watches and dances along with the puppet show. Ghoomar…plays….Raavi worries.


Shiva says that everyone agreed to my marriage and that no one can stop it. Raavi says, “I’ll stop, because this is my last chance to make him remember.”

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