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Pandya Store 12th June 2023 Written Episode Update

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Written Episode of Pandya Store 12th June 2023, Written Update on

Pandya Store Written Update

At the beginning of the episode, Dhara won’t give Chiku anything. Shweta states, “I do not desire Chiku, but I desire his affection. I know you love everyone. After being with you all, I’ve become a person. I know how important family is. I’ve also realised that I’m so alone that no one will cry when I die.” Dhara tells him, “I can’t love you.” Shweta says, “You can give it to your enemy; I want someone to remember me.” She’s going. Dhara is anxious. Krish and Prerna show up at Shweta’s house.

He says, “I’ll give the papers to the lawyer and thank you for setting me free.” Prerna appreciates Shweta. Shweta tells them she wants to be their friend. Dhara sees Chiku asleep and goes to him. He told me I must sleep here. He turns his back. Shweta says, “I can’t be your friend, but I can try not to hate you.” Shweta says, “I have to tell you something. Nothing happened between Krish and me. He is yours. Sorry, forgive me, don’t hate me. I just want you both to be happy. I’m sorry.” Krish and Prerna bid their goodbyes.

Dhara sees Shweta in the morning and wonders what’s going through her thoughts. Dev-Rishita and Krish-Prerna both get haldi on them. Raavi cries and tells Shiva, “You don’t care about me. When will Shiva come? I’m so happy, says Rishita. Prerna says yes, let our haldi happen. Dhara says that your haldi will also happen once Shiva says yes to the marriage. Shweta is told by Raavi to go and call Shiva. Gautam says I’ll give him a call.

Shweta says you all always smile. Dhara says we have two options: to smile or to cry. He also says that when family is together, even the hardest problems are easier to deal with. She asks herself what Shweta wants. He or she gets ready. Gautam asks him to come.

Suman makes a joke and says, “Let me put haldi on you.” Suman rubs them with haldi. Shweta tells Shiva that Raavi is always crying. Don’t tell me, Shiva says. She tells me to come with her and we’ll talk to her. Dhara tells Raavi to begin to cry. Raavi cries aloud. Gautam says Shiva is coming. Haldi is also put on them. Raavi cries and hugs Shiva. Shiva wonders what’s happening.

Dev says, “I’m getting married to Rishita now. I’m no longer with Raavi.” He apologises to Raavi. He tells Raavi, “I love Rishita, and I can’t be with you.” Shiva fights back and says that my wedding should come first. He tells Dhara to put haldi on his body. He scolds Dev. Raavi does something and puts haldi on herself and Shiva. He tells her to save some for herself. She says that I’ve done it. What?, he asks. Dhara says that she means that I have already put it away. The kids come to the haldi event and take part in it. They use the haldi to play.

She tells them to stop. Chiku has a fight with Dhara, then leaves. Dhara gets sad. Shiva asks for the haldi bowl so that he can take it to Arushi’s house. He asks, “Who wants to come?” Everyone comes up with reasons. Raavi asks shall I come. He tells him no, Shweta is coming with him. Someone is added to the haldi by Suman. Shiva is asked to leave.

Shiva says, “I will leave and return.” Shiva and Shweta get up and go. Suman prays and laughs. Chiku and Dhara go to school. Teacher says, “You’re very careless, and so is your report card.” Dhara sees that Chiku isn’t doing a good job. She says that he does well in school. Teacher says it’s also the duty of the students and their parents, you missed it.

Shiva says that everyone agreed to my marriage and that no one can stop it.

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