Pandya Store Written Update

Pandya Store 12th July 2023 Written Episode Update

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Written Episode of Pandya Store 12th July 2023, Written Update on Telly Updates.

Pandya Store Written Update

Shiva asks Suman to come with him at the beginning of the episode. Suman asks Krish, “Won’t you fight for me?” He tells her, “I’d like to take you with me, but I know you…” She tells them to worry more about Dhara.

She says, “You split up the house after listening to your wives, and now you’re going to take me with you and say you’re going to split me up, too. I don’t want to be a burden on anyone, so I’ll go to an old age home.”

They say no. Dhara says, “You said you’d always be with me, but now you want to leave me? It’s my fault that my mom left me, and if you want to leave me, you can go over my dead body.” Suman pulls her back.

She says that I won’t be a bother to you. Dhara says no. Suman says, “I’ll go with you then.” She gives Dhara and Gautam a hug. She tells him, “Come, the end is here. Tata, bye-bye, Jai Somnath. If you miss me, come see me.

If you want kids, take my address.” Gautam says that the room is behind the Pandya shop. Krish says it’s a small room, so how are you going to get out of there? Suman says, “You have money, but Gautam has a mother.

Your house is small, but their hearts are big.” Nagesh and his family come. He asks if you understand it. Gautam says that yes, everything is packed. Everyone remembers their time in the house and cries about it. Baghban…plays…

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The woman says that if the house is so beautiful, so will the kitchen. She goes to find out. Nagesh shows up and tells Gautam to give him the keys to the house. The keys are given by Suman. Gautam tells you that this is now your house, so be happy. Suman says, “Take me away!” Dhara says wait.

The idol goes to her. Nagesh says you forgot to mention Laddoo Gopal. Suman says, “Let him stay here. He’ll keep this house safe.” Children come and cry. Suman embraces them. She tells them to have a lot of fun and make their parents crazy.

She says stay happy, keep smiling. She prays for her boys. Gautam gives his brothers a hug. Dhara says stay happy. Everyone leaves. Dhara’s pearl beads break when they get stuck in the door. All of them feel sad. They go away.

Raavi and Shiva visit them at home. Mittu says that this house is tiny compared to Pandya Nivas. She tells him to leave because this is our house. Dev, Rishita, and their children visit their home. She says that we need to start over, but I’m sure we’ll find work soon.

Dev says that we have to take turns staying at home. She says that we should hire a sitter. Natasha thinks that everyone is fighting because of her.

Before the break, Dhara says that the Pandya family got together to look for Chiku and Natasha. Gautam says that Hardik called us to tell us he is getting married. Dhara says, “I know our family will get back together.”

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