Pandya Store Written Update

Pandya Store 11th July 2023 Written Episode Update

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Written Episode of Pandya Store for 11 July 2023, Written Update on Telly Updates.

Pandya Store Written Update

At the beginning of the episode, Dev and Rishita talk about communities with gates. He says, “I talked to a housekeeper, and she will look after the kids and Maa.” She asks if she’s ready to go along. He says, “I don’t know. I saved a room for her. When her anger cools down, she’ll come stay with us.” She says that everything will be fine and that she will stop making them mad.

He says we need to teach the kids the same ideals that Dhara and Maa taught us. Chiku and Shweta go home. He’s crying. The Shed. She’s. He goes back to his room. He longs for his family. She says, “I have to go to your school to get into mine.” Okay, you’ll make new friends. He nods. When he sees the memories box, he cries. Suman sees the home and starts to cry.

Everyone remembers the times they spent in the house. Baghban…plays… Suman says, “I have a few pieces of jewellery, and I’ve split them up.” Mittu hands Shesh the pencil and tells him, “Take it or your mum will fight with us.” Natasha says, “Take your rubber, or your mother will get mad.” Suman says that the kids were also split up, as were things and the house.

Now, he says, everything is over. Shesh says there is still one more thing to divide. I will get it. He gets the model of the house. He says we kids have made this, split this Pandya house also. Mittu says to do it because if you don’t, everyone will fight. Suman tells you that you are going to good places, so give me this house. Natasha says that if you get it, no one will fight over it. Gautam says there is just one more thing, and I will get it. He gets a picture of Darshan.

Suman says, “I’ve split my jewellery into four pieces, so take them.” I don’t want, Rishita says. Suman gives it to her and tells her to be happy, that all four parts are the same and she can choose any one.

She asks where is Raavi. Shiva says that she’s on her way. Take it and give it to her, she says. Everyone feels sad. Suman shares with everyone. Dhara comes over and asks why Nagesh hasn’t come yet. Suman says, “This is your share of the jewellery. Everyone gets the same amount.”

Natasha gets it from Dhara. She says this stuff is worthless to me. Gautam says, “I have something to say. There will only be three shares, not four.” He gives Suman a nod. Dev asks, “What are you saying? How can we keep your share if you have to build your own house and start something new?” Suman says you took something from him.

She asks Gautam why he doesn’t want to share. He tells her that he has to start building a house and that there will be four parts. Gautam says, “Try to understand that Dhara and I don’t want anything else because this house has already given us a lot.” Suman says, “Okay, then Gautam and Dhara will get my Pandya store.” Gautam says, “If you don’t mind, can I keep the Pandya store?”

All people agree. Gautam tells Shiva, “If you want to take care of the Pandya store, just come.” Shiva says that the Pandya shop is our Maa, and that I can visit Maa any time. You run the store well, Shiva says.

They cry and hug him. Gautam says, “I couldn’t make you happy, but I’m here for you whenever you need me.” Dev says you’ll stick around. Shiva asks when this plan was made, because she wants to come with me. Suman says, “Stop this drama after the division.

You don’t care about Yashoda, who raised you. Will you take care of Devki? You will take me along and divide me. I don’t want to be a burden on anyone. I will go to the ashram. I have also called the autorickshaw. I will go.” Everyone is surprised. Suman cries.

Suman says, “I’m leaving, and if you miss me, you can come find me.” Gautam gives their new address. Everyone goes home.

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