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IMLIE Imlie 22nd June 2023 Written Episode Update

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IMLIE Imlie Written Update:

Imlie is informed by Dhairya that she is not normal and is questioned as to why she needs Ms. Paty’s assistance in locating Atharva. Imlie claims that Chini and Devika are determined to have Imlie arrested, thus she needs Ms. Paty’s assistance in locating Atharva.

She expresses her belief that Reyansh may have abducted Atharva and narrates the entire scenario. She also claims that Reyansh now believes she is a member of his team and that she will soon learn Atharva’s whereabouts. Chini approaches her and inquires about her location and any misplaced items. As Kairi was being mischievous, Ms. Paty claims her glasses are missing.

If she asked Dhairya for help with that, Chini wonders if Dhairya should also need a pair of glasses since Ms. Paty’s are on her head. Ms. Paty wears eyewear. According to Dhairya, he noticed Paty’s glasses and was about to tell her when Chini interjected. If the controversy around her spectacles is resolved, Chini asks Ms. Paty to go educate Kairi. Paty adjourns. Chini believes Ms. Paty is suspect and that she has to be watched closely.

Mr. Mehta has concerns about Reyansh’s choice to include Ms. Paty in their scheme. Reyansh adds she would provide them with up-to-the-minute information about Rana’s home and suggests referring to her as their new partner. With Ms. Paty, Kairi engages in silly charades.

Kairi is impersonating “I love you,” claims Dhairya as she enters. Kairi claims that he ruined her game. Dhairya reassures her that he was only trying to lift her spirits. When Paty calls Reyansh, she informs him that she has an important call. Kairi is sent outside to play by Dhairya.

Paty selects a call. Reyansh queries whether Ranas learned of Atharva. Paty inquires because she wasn’t clear. Reyansh inquires as to her sobriety and inquires as to what the Ranas are doing to locate Atharva.

Paty claims she only consumes lemonade. Police are arriving at the studio, so Dhairya signs for him to be alert. They shouldn’t come here, according to Reyansh. If he is hiding Atharva, Paty queries. In her unconsciousness, Atharva is picturing herself bound to a chair.

Paty tells Reyansh that there is a cabin on a cliff 20 kilometers outside of the city and requests that he move Atharva there from the studio. He tells Mehta about his decision to move Atharva there. Imlie informs Dhairya that they will locate Atharva right away.

When Chini first meets Anu, she expresses concern about Atharva because he hasn’t been located. When Imlie is apprehended, according to Anu, he will be found. She is correct, claims Chini. Anu claims that since she has been with Ranas, she has lost her brains. Does she truly believe Imlie can abduct Atharva when Imlie is uninteresting and powerless to do so? Forget Arto.

Chini queries why Imlie eloped in that case. Find Arto, advises Anu, and bring him back into your life. Chini begs her to take action since she can’t risk losing Arto once more. Anu claims that if Imlie is found out and imprisoned, Chini will wed Arto and Imlie, the maid’s daughter, would weep for the rest of her life.

Reyansh hides Atharva in a hut since he believes that no one can now discover Arto. Imlie arrives to the cottage with Dhairya and requests to wait near the car while she locates and fetches Atharva. Rudra asks the police why Atharva has not yet been apprehended in a conversation.

Devika begs someone to bring Atharva back home as she weeps for him. After promising to, Kairi leaves the house. Imlie stumbles while looking for Atharva after tripping on his shoes.

It’s Atharva’s dummy, not the real Atharva, she discovers. Reyansh returns and claims that she must have discovered his strategy through a hungry Ms. Paty and arrived here, while Arto is elsewhere and poor Imlie is currently confined. Even Kairi is now caught in their trap, Mr. Mehta enters.

Reyansh cautions Imlie against becoming overly cunning because she risks losing even Kairi. Kairi is a little child, therefore Imlie claims he has nothing to gain by hurting her. Reyansh asserts that he will not let her go after killing Arto.

He forces Imlie closer. Imlie hits his forehead with a wooden log he threw. He attempts to save Arto and Kairi now but shuts the door from the outside.

Dhairya’s phone is busy when Imlie tries to reach him. Let’s see who can save her, Reyansh declares as he sets the cabin on fire. Imlie begs for assistance and begs him not to do that. Reyansh drives off in the car with Mr. Mehta. Reyansh’s automobile is noticed by Dhairya.

Dhairya runs to aid Imlie in the precap. He is asked by Imlie to first save Kairi. Dhairya tries to enter the cottage while announcing that he won’t leave her alone herself. Suffocation causes Imlie to pass out.

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