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Imlie 9th July 2023 Written Episode Update

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Imlie Written Episode 9th July 2023, Written Update on Telly Updates.

Imlie Written Update

Atharva tells Imlie that his playing in front of Devika and Shivani was great. Imlie says that he was really blaming her with his bad playing. They start to fight. The security guard stops them and tells them that the wedding day is not on any CCTV video.

Imlie asks what happened the day Atharva was hurt. He remembers that Anu paid him to delete the picture, but even that is gone. Atharva sends Watchman out and asks her why she wants to see the video of his accident day.

Imlie says to show that Dhairya was at home on the day of Atharva’s accident and wasn’t to blame. Atharva says that he showed her Dhairya’s bracelet that was found at the scene of the accident to prove that Dhairya was involved.

Imlie says he doesn’t have any doubts, even though there are no videos of his accident day or his wedding day. He continues to fight. She tells him to come along.

Chini keeps getting scared and calls Anu to ask when she will be back. When Imlie and Atharva get to Anu’s house, they see her hiding from them. Anu tells Chini that she is Chaturvedi, not Rana, and that she can stay at the Rana house forever.

Chini hears a noise outside her room, so she goes to look, but there’s nothing there. The nok jhok between Atharva and Chini goes on. Chini asks Atharva where he is by calling him. Atharva gets a phone call. He trips and falls on Imlie. Anu is going to look.

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The servant tells her that he left his phone at work and has come to get it back. Anu yells at servant. When Atharva hears that, he calms down. Imlie tells Atharva to turn off the sound on his phone. They go to Anu’s room to look for a hint.

Imlie finds a package with footage from Anu’s wedding day under her bed and gives it to Atharva. Atharva says that it could be a picture of Anu or her daughter’s wedding and fights with her. Imlie says she is sure it is a clip from his wedding.

Chini sends Arto a message. Kairi bumps into her phone while she’s busy. Chini asks if she is hurt and tells her she shouldn’t be on the phone while walking. She asks how Atharva is doing. Atharva and Imlie have both left, according to Kairi.

She drops her phone. Chini is shocked when she sees a picture of Atharva and Imlie together. Kairi says that they are back to being friends. When Anu hears a sound, she goes to her room.

Atharva finds the envelope with his accident day tape. Imlie says that she has shown that Chini could have killed Dhairya. They leave the room. Anu sees them and asks Atharva if Chi baby knows he is with Imlie.

Imlie tells her that she has more important questions, like why are these videos in her house. Anu yells at her that she stole her video and tries to get it back. Imlie says that it’s clear that Chini killed Dhairya. Anu says she doesn’t have any proof.

Atharva says that’s right. Anu says she is going to call the cops. Imlie says she will call the cops herself and give them this proof. Anu isn’t able to stop them, so she thinks she should tell Chi baby.

Imlie watches a video on the way home and sees Imlie and Dhairya on the deck. Atharva says that Imlie lied about not being on the balcony. Chini gets her family together and shows them pictures. She yells that her life can’t be right until Imlie is there.

Keya backs her. Atharva and Imlie go back to their home. Devika yells at Imlie and tries to slap her for trying to draw Atharva again and ruin Chini’s life. Atharva takes her hand and tells her that it isn’t Imlie’s fault.

She shows him pictures. Atharva tells him that he will talk about it later and that he should first talk to Chini. He goes to a room with Chini. Chini says that it hurts her very much to see him with Imlie. Atharva says that he is too, and he thinks that she is trying to hide something from him. Chini gets stressed.

Precap: Ranas accept Imlie. Atharva tells Imlie that he wants to really get to know them. Imlie gets a message that Kairi, not Chini, is her daughter. Atharva says that it is so. Imlie slaps him. Voicover wants to know if the paths of Imlie and Atharva will cross again or go in different directions.

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