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Imlie 7th July 2023 Written Episode Update

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Imlie Written Episode 7th July 2023, Written Update on Telly Updates.

Imlie Written Update

Kairi jumps and says that princess mom (Imlie) and monkey dad (Atharva) are now friends. Kairi is sent to her room, and Atharva asks Imlie what she was talking about before Kairi came. Imlie wants to know how he got Dhairya’s phone number. Atharva says that it was on the floor.

Imlie asks if that’s how he found it. Atharva says that she shouldn’t ask him if she doesn’t trust him. Imlie says that faith is like a broken glass that can’t be fixed.

She reminds him of all the times he hurt her. He pulls her away and ties her to a column, then tells her to stop doubting her. Imlie says that he hates his brother very much and will do anything to hurt him.

He tells her to look into his eyes because she can tell from them if he really did kill Dhairya. Imlie calms down when he looks into her eyes. Kairi walks up to them and asks if they are still hugging. She told them to only hug each other once, not all day.

She tells them that Chini asked her to look for a phone that had fallen on the ground, and she asks them to help her find the phone. Atharva asks Imlie what she wants to say right now. Imlie says that she wants to know why Chini is looking for Dhairya’s phone.

Imlie calls the rest of the family together and asks Chini why she was looking for Dhairya’s phone. Anu yells, “What kind of question is this?” Rudra tells Chini that it’s a good question and asks her to answer it.

Chini says she saw a phone fall and thought about picking it up and giving it back to its owner. She didn’t know that the phone was Dhairya’s. Atharva asks her if she’s finished. Imlie says not yet because she needs to help the cops get the data from Dhairya’s phone and find out who killed her.

When the police show up, they take Dhairya’s phone to get the information on it. Keya plays chess with pictures of his family as pawns. Akash asks if her social media account isn’t working because she is playing a real game.

Keya says that their whole family is a suspect in the murder of Dhairya. Akash says he is so scared that he doesn’t even want to carry a nail cutter, let alone kill someone. He says that Rudra told him to start working at the office tomorrow. Keya is happy to hear that.

Kairi sees Shivani crying, so she acts out the Khaike Paan Banaras Waala… song to cheer her up. Atharva gives her praise. Imlie gets a call from the inspector, who tells her family that police got Dhairya’s phone data and found a video with a killer’s feet on it.

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Imlie will catch the murderer seeing his or her feet. Chini gets stressed. Imlie thinks that she just made up the story to see how everyone would respond and find out who killed Dhairya. Constable gives a package to a security guard and tells him that only Imlie madam should get it. Imlie looks at cover and thinks that the person who did it can’t get away now.

She sees a man take a package from a guard and tells him that she caught him. When he turns around, she sees a helper with Kairi and a letter. She wants to know why she took the envelope. Kairi says she likes puzzles.

Someone called her phone and told her someone was waiting outside with a game, so she went outside. Anu sees them hidden and thinks back to when he tricked Kairi. Imlie tells Kairi to come inside and play because she thinks the killer is a member of her own family.

After a while, Imlie’s family asks her if the video helped her figure out who killed her. Atharva says there is no film at all, and Imlie made a big deal out of the fact that she thought their family was made up of murderers.

Before the end, Imlie tells Chini about causing Atharva’s accident and killing Dhairya. Chini wants to know who will trust her. Atharva comes in and says that he will.

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