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Imlie 7th August 2023 Written Episode Update

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Imlie Written Episode 7th August 2023, Written Update on Telly Updates.

Imlie Written Update

Goon Mohan tells Imlie that he had an easy plan to kill the school’s trustee with a bomb on August 15 and spend the 5 crore Rs he gets on enjoying life, but Imlie ruined his plan, so she will help him carry it out. Imlie says she would rather die than help him.

If Mohan doesn’t kill her, someone else will. He shows how Atharva, Akash, and Manish are hanging in the air by arrows made of steel.

Imlie is shocked to see that, and she tells Atharva that she won’t let anything bad happen to him. Mohan tells her that she will lose Kairi if she moves even one step ahead.

Imlie asks Kairi where she is. Mohan says Kairi is still alive, and if she wants her to stay alive, she has to do his job. Imlie does agree. Mohan tells what he wants to do.

Ranas seems surprised to hear that. Imlie is holding a bomb vest as her family tells her not to. Mohan says he had planned to blow up a bomb, but now he will blow up Imlie. Imlie should go to the 15th of August event at school and blow it up.

Ranas says that whatever God wants and is in their destiny will happen, so Imlie shouldn’t offer herself as a sacrifice.

Imlie thinks back to how much fun she had with Atharva and Kairi and agrees to Mohan’s request. She wears bomb west and tells Atharva that she swore to protect her loved ones even if she had to die. Devika tells Imlie to stop. Atharva asks her what she is doing.

Imlie asks him if he has no idea why. Mohan gives her a second jacket that has a secret CCTV camera and an earpiece so he can talk to her. He says that when she goes to see trustee, he will press a button on a remote and shoot her and trustee. Imlie asks if he will stop hurting her family after that.

Mohan gives Imlie permission to meet Kairi. Kairi tells Imlie she wants a hug. She says that monkey paa will give her a hug. Atharva says that he can handle Kairi, but not himself. Imlie begs him to stop because Kairi needs him to.

Imlie tells Kairi to give her crying grandmother a hug, ask Shivani and Ginni for help when she needs it, and comfort her sad monkey paa. Kairi asks her if she has somewhere to go. Imlie says that loves her very much. Even Kairi loves her a lot, she says.

Atharva is hit by thugs. Mohan tells Imlie to stop worrying about her family and get back to work. Imile goes, even though his family begs him not to.

Precap: Imlie tells her family over the phone that she loves them very much and that this is their last call. Atharva begs him not to say that because he and Kairi need her. Imlie says farewell. Bombs go off.

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