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Imlie 6th July 2023 Written Episode Update

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Imlie Written Update

Devika takes lawyer to police station who gets anticipatory bail for Atharva. Inspector tells Atharva that he is freeing him now and asks him to keep Dhairya phone, laptop, and other stuff ready to find any clue. At home, Imlie serve food to Kairi.

Kairi asks her to have it first. Imlie says there is no one to listen her now as she lost her bestfriend. Kairi says she will listen to her and hugs her emotionally. Atharva walks in. Kairi gets happy seeing her monkey paa.

Imlie asks how is he out so soon. Atharva says she should stop nurturing misunderstanding of succeeding in anything she wants. Their argument starts. Devika joins them and cusses Imlie. She then asks her to bring Dhairya’s phone as inspector needs to find any clue.

Chini with Anu watches hiding and panics thinking police will find out her confession video in Dhairya’s mobile. Anu asks her to speak slowly or else someone will record even this and asks her to get the mobile somehow.

Imlie returns to her room and picks Dhairya’s mobile from the drawer. She gets emotionally recalling trying to each Dhairya to use mobile apps and him telling he doesn’t need to learn them until she is there for him. She dumbly keeps mobile on the bed and goes to washroom.

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Chini watching her move rushes in, unlocks mobile, and tries to delete her confession video. Imlie hears sound from outside and walks out. Chini runs away.

Imlie notices Dhairya’s mobile missing and walks out to check who took it. Chini hides. Kairi tells Atharva that he doesn’t speak normal to anyone these days. Atharva says he speaks normally to her. Kairi says he needs a friend and takes him towards Imlie’s room. Chini notices Imlie coming throws mobile down. Atharva notices phone on the floor and picks it.

Imlie snatches it from him and argues that he tried to stole it and destroy evidence. Kairi warns them to stop fighting and insists to hug and befriend each other. Atharva refuses. Imlie says he should agree to make Kairi happy. Atharva hesitantly hugs her. Kairi claps saying they hugged and are friends now. Chini continues to panic…


Imlie confronts Chini for performing Atharva’s accident and Dhairya’s murder. Chini asks who will believe her. Atharva enters saying he will.

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