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Imlie 5th July 2023 Written Episode Update

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Imlie Written Episode 5th July 2023, Written Update on Telly Updates.

Imlie Written Update

Rudra tells Imlie that he couldn’t do what was expected of a father, but Imlie did what was expected of a friend, so she will do Dhairya’s last rites. Rudra says that Dhairya valued Imlie more than anyone else after Kala, so Imlie has the right to do Dhairya’s rites.

Imlie cries as she says Dhairya’s last prayers. In the background, the song “Sathi Re Thoda Teherja” plays. Ranas cry, too. Imlie looks at Atharva with anger and tells Dhairya that she won’t cry and that she will fight for justice for him just like she did 5 years ago.

Back at home, Chini freaks out because she thinks Imlie wants to send Atharva to jail, even though he wasn’t even on the terrace. Instead, she pushed Dhairya off the terrace. Anu tells her to calm down and figure out how to get out of this mess.

Rudra cries when he looks at a picture of Dhairya. Imlie goes to him. Rudra says that the dead body of his young son weighs on his shoulders. He had dreamed of Dhairya and Imlie getting married in this room, but Imlie gave Dhairya’s last rites today. Imlie gives him comfort.

Rudra tells her that he wants her to help Dhairya get justice, but he doesn’t want her to punish an innocent person. He says that she should only file a report against Atharva if she is sure that he did it. Imlie says that everyone knows Atharva hates.

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Dhairya and that he was on the balcony when Dhairya fell. Rudra tells her that she can file a report if she is sure, but if Atharva is innocent, this house will lose a son, Ginni will lose a brother, and Kairi will lose a father. She should think about what she wants to do before she decides.

Devika asks Atharva how Imlie could charge him of such a false thing. Atharva says that when you lose people you care about, you lose your mind. Anu walks up to him with Chini and tells him he should go back to Goa because she has already bought tickets for him and Chini.

Devika asks her how she can say this at this time. Anu says that she’s afraid about her baby Chi. Atharva says that right now, his family needs him. Anu tells him to be realistic because Imlie will send him to jail because she saw him on the deck when Dhairya fell.

Atharva says he doesn’t want to run away and will stay to show his innocence. He will find out who pushed Dhairya down; he had just gone to the terrace to look for Chini. Anu tells him not to mention Chini’s name in front of Imlie, or Imlie will blame her for the crime out of jealousy.

Chini gets stressed. Atharva asks her what’s wrong. Chini tells Kairi that she’s worried about him and wants him to think about Goa. Dhairya says that his father taught him not to run away and to fight bravely. He wants to teach his daughter to be strong, too. Chini gets more stressed.

Imlie cries when she sees what Atharva gave her. Kairi approaches her and asks where Dhairya went and if she misses him. Imlie says yes. Kairi tells Dhairya to close her eyes and think of her. Imlie thinks of Dhairya and tells Kairi thanks.

She hugs Kairi and worries that getting Kairi’s father arrested to get justice for Dhairya might hurt Kairi. After a while, Atharva goes into Imlie’s room and tries to explain that he didn’t push Dhairya off the deck and that he was just looking for Chini.

Imlie says that he put all of his problems on Dhairya and threatened to kill him, so it’s clear that he killed Dhairya. Atharva says he didn’t like Dhairya because he was getting closer to Imlie. Imlie says that he has taken her place with Chini. Argument continues.

Dhairya calls Chini, drags her to the living room, and breaks a wooden chair as she does so. His family gets together to find out what happened. Keya wants to send him to lessons on how to control his anger because he broke an expensive chair. Dhairya sets fire to a chair and says that he is going to marry Chini right away.

Before the end, Imlie tells Chini about causing Atharva’s accident and killing Dhairya. Chini wants to know who will trust her. Atharva comes in and says that he will.

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