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Imlie 4th July 2023 Written Episode Update

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Imlie Written Episode 4th July 2023, Written Update on Telly Updates.

Imlie Written Update

Imlie begs Devika over the phone to go to Dhairya because he wants to see his mother. She says that Dhairya thinks of her as his mother after his real mother, so she should stop being mean to Dhairya and reach out to him. Atharva picks up the phone and begs her next to come.

If she doesn’t want to feel bad that she could have saved someone’s life but didn’t, she should come at least for his sake, etc. Imlie goes back to Dhairya and tells him that if he doesn’t wake up, she will call him “Dhairya ji.” She asks if she’s so bad that he doesn’t want to marry her.

He says he’s always been there for her and told her that she’s Imlie’s daughter, etc. She keeps yelling at him to wake up.

Dhairya’s health gets worse. Imlie calls doctor. Devika with Divya walks in. Dhairya opens the door and says, “Maa!” She wipes away his tears and tells him to go to sleep. Atharva smiles as he looks at Dhairya. He then looks at Chini, who is scared, and thinks back to what happened on the balcony. He looks at Chini with anger.

Atharva’s back is where Chini hides. Imlie thinks he is looking at Atharva. Dhairya goes away. Family is sad. Devika closes his eyes as he thinks about how much she hates him. Imlie thinks about how Dhairya was always there for her. Gallan Teriyan Tonne Lagda Ae Yaara.. song playing in the background. Atharva gives Rudra peace.

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When the police reach Rudra, they tell him that they are sorry for his loss. They say that they heard Dhairya fell off a terrace, but they think it wasn’t an accident and that someone tried to kill him. Imlie remembers how many times Atharva said he would kill Atharva.

Inspector asks if anyone makes them suspicious. Imlie says she’s not sure about Atharva because he was on the balcony when Dhairya fell. Atharva says that he went to find Chini.

Imlie says that he had said more than once that he would kill Dhairya. Atharva says that when someone is angry, they say anything. Imlie says that a person can kill anyone if they are angry enough. Devika asks her if she is crazy. Imlie says that her friend’s death has made her crazy. Atharva says he will never kill anyone.

Imlie says that he can kill anyone if he can fake his own death to stay away from his family. Atharva says he hates Dhairya to the core and blames him for everything bad that has happened to him, but he accepted him as Rudra’s son and got Devika to go to the hospital.

Inspector asks if they want to make a report. No, says the family. Imlie says that she would like to make a FIR. Inspector says that once Dhairya’s last rites are done, Imlie can go to the police station and make an official FIR. Atharva’s family takes him to the crematorium to say his last words. Rudra starts to cry and says that he wants to talk for Atharva. He tells Imlie how grateful he is that she brought Dhairya home and asks her to do his last rites.

Before the end, Atharva tells Imlie he didn’t kill Dhairya. Imlie says he should show proof of his innocence in court, and she will do whatever it takes to get justice for her friend. Atharva tells her that she should pay attention to even his choice.

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