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Imlie 3rd July 2023 Written Episode Update

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Written Episode of Imlie for July 3, 2023, and Written Update on Telly Updates.

Imlie Written Update

Even Dhairya is missing, Imlie tells Shivani. Shivani says that Gopi told her that even Dhairya went on a balcony. Imlie wonders why everyone went to the terrace. She tells Shivani that Dhairya had something to tell her, but she can’t wait any longer and wants to meet him.

Chini asks Dhairya not to tell Imlie the truth about her. Dhairya tells her that if she really loves Atharva, she should tell him the truth and take responsibility for her mistake.

Chini says that if she tells the truth, she will lose Atharva and Kairi. Even if it kills him, Dhairya won’t keep the truth from her. She tries to stop him and pushes him off the deck.

He falls on a car and hurts himself very badly. Atharva goes out to the deck to look for Chini. Chini runs away. Atharva sees that the fence on the terrace is broken and that Dhairya has fallen off the terrace and is on the ground.

Akash sees Dhairya and tells the rest of the family. Dhairya’s family runs to her. Imlie is scared and cries out for help. From the balcony, Atharva calls out to Dhairya.

Keya asks Akash about Dhairya and what happened to her. Akash says he heard a sound like someone falling, so he went outside to see what was going on and found Dhariya on the floor.

Keya asks Chini where she is. Akash says that he has no idea. Chini runs down, scared. Next, Atharva runs to Dhairya and shakes him. Dhairya opens his eyes and then falls back down. Akash calls for help. Chini hides in her room, scared, and says over and over that she didn’t do anything and didn’t push Dhairya. When Kiara walks in, everyone is crying, so she asks why.

Chini says that she didn’t push Dhairya. Chini is stopped by Anu, who sends Kairi away. She tries to make Chini feel better and asks her not to tell anyone that she pushed Dhairya down, since Dhairya will die soon anyway. Atharva approaches her. Chini runs up to him and gives him a hug.

Anu says that Chini wasn’t on the deck when Dhairya fell and was in her room instead. She doesn’t let Chini say anything. Dhairya says he will go be with Dhairya. Anu tells him that he should worry more about his wedding than about his stepbrother, who tried to kill him.

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Atharva asks her how she can be so heartless. Even though he and Dhairya always fought, Dhairya is in the same state he was in after his accident, so he has to be by Dhairya’s side for the sake of humanity. He walks away. Chini keeps saying that she, not Dhairya, was the one who caused his accident. Anu stops talking.

He gets to the hospital. Rudra starts to cry and says that if something happens to Dhairya, he will die. Atharva gives him a tight hug and wipes his tears away. Rudra tells him he’s sorry he wasn’t there when he needed his father the most. Atharva tells him not to talk about it anymore and says he will always be on his side from now on. Rudra asks Dhairya if everything will be okay. Yes, says Atharva. Imlie prays for the life of Dhairya.

The doctor does surgery on Dhairya and then leaves OT. Imlie asks Dhairya how she’s doing. The doctor says that Dhairya only has a few hours left, and he wants to see his mother. They can all see Dhairya before he dies. Imlie asks him how he can say that, Dhairya can’t keep going this way. Shivani asks Dhairya if she will stop. Imlie says someone else will.

Inspector tells Rudra that he doesn’t think Dhairya’s accident was an accident, but rather a murder attempt. Imlie says she doesn’t believe Atharva because he was there when Dhairya fell off the rooftop. Atharva says that he went to find Chini. Imlie says that he recently said he would kill Dhairya. Imolie says that he can do anything.

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