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Imlie 28th June 2023 Written Episode Update

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Imlie 28th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates.

Imlie Written Update

Imlie asks Atharva what he is doing in her room, if he wants to blame and tease her more or if his party ended early. Atharva says the party is about to start, but he doesn’t want her to be happy for him. Since she shut all the doors that led to him, he will even shut the door to her room. He leaves, telling her and Dhairya to enjoy themselves and shutting the door from the outside.

He goes home and dances with his family. Dhairya watches a movie of camp. Kairi thinks that princess mom must be by herself and that she should go meet her. When she goes into Imlie’s room, she sees that she is watching a camp film. She asks in a poetic way how she can watch a video without her, saying that it must have been the thought of bear or Dhairya uncle.

Atharva doesn’t like it when Kairi is with Imlie, so she asks Dhairya to send Kairi back to her family. Kairi asks them to play with her as the cops, with Dhairya as the bad guy and Imlie as the victim. They decide to play with her and agree.

The dancer Atharva stops. Chini says that even though they are getting married for Kairi’s sake, they are a couple for everyone and he should act happy in front of everyone. Atharva sees Dhairya and Kairi playing, thinks Dhairya is beating Kairi, and begins to beat Dhairya.

Imlie stops him and tells him that Atharva is once again being misunderstood. Atharva says he saw Dhairya hitting Kairi. Devika pulls Kairi away because she is worried. Anu says that Imlie hurt her chi baby’s daughter because she was jealous.

Kairi says that monkey paa has the wrong idea because they were playing a game and he messed it up. Kairi is sent to her room by Chini, who goes with her. Kairi says that nothing here is right. Imlie says that even a 5-year-old can tell right from wrong, but Atharva has lost his ability to do so.

Then, Atharva says that Dhairya tried to kill him by chance. 5 years ago, he remembered that Chini had told him that she had found Dhairya’s chain at the scene of the accident. Imlie supports Dhairya. He tells Dhairya not to go near his daughter, or even God won’t be able to save him. He leaves that place.

Imlie comes up to Atharva and says, “You’re really good at blaming people and making things confusing. What is Dhairya’s fault if Atharva left home for five years?” Atharva says that in the last 5 years, she stopped calling Dhairya “Dhairya ji” and started calling her “Dhairya.” Imlie says that he shouldn’t worry about it.

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He says it doesn’t and asks her if she has the guts to face the truth: that she brought Dhairya home, who stole his dad, his family, his happiness, and his love, so he didn’t want to stay with him and neither did he, so he killed him. Imlie asks, “Do you have proof?” Atharva shows Dhairya’s locket and says he found it at the accident site five years ago.

Chini watches it and gets nervous because she thinks that her secret will be revealed. Imlie tells Atharva that there are a lot of lockets like this one in the world, so he can’t use this as evidence to charge Dhairya. Atharva says that she has lost her eyesight because Dhairya is her.

Imlie asks him what he wants to say. Dhairya is her friend who has been helping her since he left until now. He knows how protective she is of her friends, so he shouldn’t charge her friend without proof.

The mehandi ceremony between Atharva and Chini starts. Devika tells Atharva to put his handprint on a piece of paper with henna on it, and then she tells Chini to do the same thing to his handprint. He does remember that during their mehandi ritual, Imlie’s name was written on his hand. Imlie walks towards Atharva, trips, and keeps her hand on the imprint of his hand.

Chini tells Anu that she doesn’t like history, but Arto is talking about things that happened five years ago. He showed Imlie the locket she gave him and said that Dhairya tried to kill him. Chini is afraid that Imlie will look into it and find out the truth.

Anu says that they will use Arto’s dislike and misunderstanding of Imlie and Dhairya to get them out of the house before that. Chini is afraid that their plan will go wrong. Anu gets her to agree to move in with Arto and Kairi if she wants to. The locket is shown to Dhairya by Imlie.

Dhairya says it’s his locket, but he doesn’t know what happened to it at the scene of the accident. Imlie says that she knows he was at home when the accident happened and that she should show that to Atharva to clear up his confusion. Dhairya says she can clear up Atharva’s misunderstanding, but she can’t make him stop hating him. Atharva is set on hating him no matter what, she says.

Atharva drags Dhairya out of the house, telling him that he can’t stay there. Imlie stops him. Imlie says that Dhairya is her future husband. She says that Chini is making one friendship, and she is making a different one.

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