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Imlie 27th June 2023 Written Episode Update

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Imlie 27th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates.

Imlie Written Update

Atharva says sorry on behalf of his family and tells Imlie not to meet Kairi again. Kairi wants to be with her mum, the princess. Atharva tells her that she shouldn’t come see Imlie anymore, and he tells Imlie that he wants Kairi to be with her mother, so Imlie should stay away from Kairi. He takes Kairi away by force, even though she begs to stay with her mom, the princess.

After some time, Imlie starts to cry when she remembers what Atharva said. Dhairya calls Kairi on video chat and hands the phone to Imlie. Kairi asks Imlie if she’s upset because everyone hurt her feelings. Imlie says no. Kairi says she won’t go to the wedding of monkey paa and BFF. Imlie talks her into going and then ends the call.

She is grateful to Dhairya for helping her. Dhairya says that all he wants is for her to be happy, and he won’t even go to Atharva and Chini’s wedding because Atharva wouldn’t like it. Imlie even gets him to agree to go to the engagement ceremony. He tells her to listen to music to cheer up and that he has a treat for her.

Ranas gets ready for marriage in the evening. Devika talks about how beautiful Chini is and says that she picked out a special engagement ring for her. She goes to find the ring. When Keya thinks about stealing the ring from Devika’s cupboard, he feels stressed. She tells Akash that she is worried, and he asks her what she will do now.

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Imlie 26th June 2023 Written Episode Update

Devika finds the lost ring in her cabinet and tells Shivani about it. Shivani says that Keya was with her when she put the ring in the cabinet. Keya says maybe Imlie stole it. Rudra tells her to watch what she says and think about how much Imlie gave up for the family. Devika stands up for Keya and says that even though Imlie helped them get Atharva and Kiara back, it was because of Imlie that they were separated from Atharva for five years.

Rudra says that Atharva did not want to come back. Keya says that it’s Imlie who doesn’t want Atharva and Chini to get married. Shivani tells her to stop, saying that Imlie used to take people and is now stealing for them. Have they lost their minds? Devika says that they will know once they talk to Imlie.

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Imlie 26th June 2023 Written Episode Update

Devika goes to Imlie’s room and asks her to give Chini’s engagement ring back. Imlie asks her what she means by that. Anu yells that Imlie must be hiding a ring because she doesn’t want Arto and Chi-Baby to get married. Imlie says that Chini likes to take and hide things, which is how he kept Atharva hidden for 5 years. Chini says that Arto didn’t want to be there. Rudra tells Devika to look in Imlie’s room and try to make brain cells grow.

Atharva tells Devika that everything is fine and that they will get married with another ring. Imlie gives back her engagement ring because she doesn’t want to keep something that isn’t hers. She asks Chini to swap the ring for another one because it might not fit her. Atharva tells Chini that this ring is the best one for her because he bought it with her in mind.

He tries to put the ring back on her finger, but it’s hard. Next, Imlie gives back her locket and says that when Atharva is no longer in her life, she won’t keep anything of his. Atharva and his family are leaving.

Dhairya walks in and sees Imlie sad. Imlie says that Chini now owns her ring. Soon, Chini will also own her mangalsutra and sindhoor, as well as Atharva. Imlie doesn’t know what she will do with Atharva’s locket. Atharva takes out his anger on a punching bag and thinks Imlie gave him her ring and locket without much trouble.

He gets angry when he sees her with Dhairya and doesn’t understand why she doesn’t get angry when she sees him with Chini. Dhairya tells Imlie that it affects her because she kept Atharva’s locket for five years and talked to his memories. Imlie says that Atharva took her out of his heart, which is why she doesn’t want to keep his memories.

Imlie asks her what’s so shocking. Dhairya tells her that he made a movie of her and Kairi’s summer camp memories and takes her to a room. She asks if all of this was done for him. He says that he wants her to always smile. Atharva comes in and gets angry because he thinks Imlie is Dhairya and doesn’t remember him. Imlie sees him and asks what he is doing here instead of at his wedding party. Atharva says the party will start now, and he will shut all the doors that would lead her to him.

Atharva drags Dhairya out of the house, telling him that he can’t stay there. Imlie stops him. Chini asks why she has the right to stop Dhairya right there. Imlie says that Dhairya is her future husband. She says that Chini is making one friendship, and she is making a different one.

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