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Imlie 26th June 2023 Written Episode Update

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Written Episode of Imlie for June 26, 2023, and Written Update on Telly Updates.

Imlie Written Update

Dhairya asks Imlie why she is trying to set up a marriage between Atharva and Chini. Imlie says this for Kairi’s sake. Whether Kairi is innocent or not, Imlie’s daughter Imlie can’t stand for her to be called an illegal child. Imlie can’t take losing. She goes to Kairi’s house dressed as Ms. Paty.

Kairi gets happy seeing her. Paty says that she heard Kairi fought bravely with thugs. Kairi says that her princess mom and her best friend fought with the bad guys and saved her, but everyone calls her mom bad. Atharva comes in and says that they have to sometimes believe what they hear. Paty goes over to him and asks how he is doing.

She sees that one of his eyebrow hairs has fallen out and asks him to pray for what he wants. He rubs her hand around his cheek to pick up hair. Atharva thinks about the time Imlie hugged him and prays to God that he can meet his oldest best friend and find out the truth. Kairi wants to know what he asked God. Atharva says that he wished for him, her, and Chini to always be a family.

When Imlie hears that, she feels sad. Atharva stops telling Kairi to study and thinks that he will never tell her that Imlie is her mother because Imlie didn’t want Kairi to be born into this world. He doesn’t care if God punishes him for that. Imlie asks God to make Atharva’s wish come true.

Inspector goes to Ranas to tell them that Reyansh and Mehta have been caught and that police are waiting for Atharva’s statement. Atharva asks him if he got the information Imlie gave him. Not yet, says the inspector. Kairi talks about how princess mama used a foam gun to punish bad uncles. Paty says that it’s not a foam gun, but a party spray.

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Kairi wonders how she knows. Because she is a teacher, says Paty. She lifts Kairi, and they both turn with her. Her hairstyle falls. Imlie says princess mom. Everyone hear her via her walkie talkie. Inspector is taken to Kairi’s room by Atharva. Imlie tells Kairi to keep this news to herself and sees that her walkie-talkie is on.

When Atharva walks in, he says it’s too late. Everyone gets together. Atharva says that Imlie’s story is useless right now. Devika asks Imlie how many times she will let them down. Atharva says that Imlie broke some of the trust he had in her when she took him and Kairi hostage.

Rudra and Shivani say that they don’t think Imlie is capable of doing that. Anu thinks it’s good that Chini saved Atharva and Kairi from Imlie. Kairi says her mum, the princess, saved her. Anu tries to get her to do something. Inspector says he is going to arrest Imlie in the case of Atharva and Kairi being taken away.

Kairi fights back and tells the cops that she won’t arrest princess mamma because princess mamma saved her with Chini. Anu says that Imlie took her.

Dhairya comes in, and Imlie saved Atharva and Kairi by putting her life in danger. Imlie stops him and tells him that she had to pretend to be Kairi because Atharva wouldn’t let her meet Kairi. Anu yells that Imlie doesn’t want Chini to marry Atharva and that Imlie has been the reason Chini has been happy since they were kids.

Dhairya tells her to stop lying and tells her how Imlie put her life in danger more than once by getting stuck in a fire, carrying a bullet to Atharva, and saving him from Reyansh’s grip. He makes Imlie show her where the bullet hit. Imlie shows how hurt she is. Dhairya says that people won’t believe that she sacrificed herself unless she tells them loudly. Chini says that Imlie lied and acted like Paty to hide the truth, so she couldn’t trust Imlie. Anu tries to explain herself and Chini. Dhairya walks away unable to take her drama. Anu says that he is rude.

Atharva should stop yelling about her drama. Dhairya’s sour truth is better than Anu’s sweet lie. They deserve Dhairya’s rudeness and should all thank Imlie for her help. Anu says in a whisper that Atharva’s heart is melting again for Imlie.

Atharva pulls Atharva out of the house, telling him that he can’t stay there. Imlie pulls him back. Chini asks why she has the right to stop Dhairya right there. Imlie says that Dhairya is her future husband. She says that Chini is making one friendship, and she is making a different one.

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