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Imlie 24th June 2023 Written Episode Update

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Written Update for the 24th of June 2023 at Telly Updates.

Imlie Written Update

Imlie engages Reyansh and his thugs in combat. Chini is captured by Reyansh and Mehta, and she asks Imlie for assistance. Imlie uses aerosol spray to disperse Reyansh and Mehta before asking Chini to pick up Kairi because she can’t hold them off for very long. Kairi clings to Imlie fiercely and refuses to leave. Chini drags her off by force. Imlie is apprehended by Reyansh, who sends goons to prevent Chini from contacting the police.

Chini drives off quickly. Imlie is informed by Reyansh that he will accompany her to Atharva so they may make a final decision. Imlie tries to escape herself but fails. Anu breaks the ash pots bearing the names of Atharva, Chini, and Kairi as she makes her way to the Rana residence. Shivani queries what she is doing. According to Anu, she is exercising last rights.

Rudra tells her to put an end to her folly. Anu queries why Imlie wasn’t evicted from the home after Atharva divorced her and wed Chini; instead, Rudra granted her a piece of the property. Imlie has since grown more envious and wants both the house and Atharva; she kidnapped them and would kill them. Shivani requests that she halt since Dhairya is now looking for Atharva and Kairi.

Anu claims that they cannot trust Dhairya because he stole Atharva’s rights and will do anything for money. She challenges Devika by claiming that because her daughter was unlucky, she now had to make amends. Anu grinned, convinced that her scheme was working, as Devika stood there worried.

Atharva is discovered comatose in a glass chamber after Imlie searches for him. Reyansh releases poisonous gas into the space while teasing Imlie on television that she will soon pass away and be unable to remove Atharva from there.

Imlie promises Atharva that she would get him out of here as soon as possible while trying to break the glass door. She tries to call Chini but there is no network; she hopes Chini will call back soon with the cops. What will they do with Atharva and Imlie, Mehta queries Reyansh. Let them perish, Reyansh advises.

Mehta claims that since they would be charged with murder, they should release them and tell the truth to the police. They should prevent Chini from approaching police first, advises Reyansh, because police won’t spare them. Imlie frees Atharva from the glass chamber by shattering it.

Devika claims that putting her trust in Imlie was a mistake. She receives a call from Chini informing her that she has freed Kairi from her captors and is returning home, but that Atharva is still being held captive and that she has called the police to go and rescue Atharva.

Devika wishes her well and wonders if Imlie was present as well. Chini affirms. Kairi claims that her BFF yanked her away from the princess mother and the monkey paa rescue. Chini requests that she stop and ends the call.

Mr. Mehta departs after declining to assist Reyansh any longer. Reyansh will kill both Atharva and Imlie today since he believes Imlie to be a greater threat now. Imlie attempts to escape by breaking the door lock, tying her leg to Atharva’s leg, and running. He is pushed out the window by her. Reaching her is Reyansh.

Reyansh shoots Imlie’s hand in the precap. Imlie closes the door by himself.

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