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Imlie 20th June 2023 Written Episode Update

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Imlie Written Update

Imlie tells Kairi that she will find out who Atharva’s monkey paa is. Kairi gives Imlie a hug out of love. Kairi is sent to her room, and Chini is told to stay away from them because they will be looking for Atharva. She says Devika made it clear that she shouldn’t get in the way of their lives.

Imlie says that Devika gave her permission to do this, and she says that she was looking for her daughter and will now also look for Devika’s boy. Chini is getting ready to go out. Kairi wants to know where she is going. Imlie tells her monkey paa to find her and asks her if she will look for her if she ever gets lost. Kairi says yes. She asks Imlie why she is wearing Ms. Paty’s band.

Imlie thinks Kairi is smart because she noticed something that no one else did. She says that two people can wear the same bands. Kairi wants her to do well. Imlie leaves house.

Chini worries. Atharva left her just like he did 5 years ago with Imlie. When she sees someone coming, she asks, “Who are you?” Chini tells Arto that she is worried about him. Dhairya says that he and his whole family are as well.

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She goes away. Imlie is asked to come out by Dhairya. Imlie comes out and says that Chini would have made a scene if she had seen her leaving the house. Dhairya goes with her as they look for Atharva.

Reyansh tells Atharva how much he hates him and thinks that Atharva can’t take back the fame he earned through hard work. He goes to the room where the CCTV is controlled to erase the video. Mr. Mehta runs up to him in a panic and says, “The police are looking into the case.

What if they find us?” Reyansh tells him to take it easy. When they see Imlie and Dhairya in the studio, they try to delete the footage quickly, but it won’t go away. They are both scared. Imlie tells Dhairya that she needs to look at the CCTV video to find out what happened. When they get to the control room, Reyansh and Mehta catch them by surprise. Reyansh says that he also came to see what happened to Atharva by looking at CCTV video. Imlie tells him to show her the video.

Reyansh checks nervously and calms down when he sees that the footage has been erased. Imlie says that someone took the video away. Reyansh seems shocked. Imlie goes away sad, but she is determined to find Atharva no matter what.

The police go to Rana’s house and ask if they are suspicious of anyone. Chini says she doesn’t trust Imlie because Imlie is Atharva’s ex-wife and doesn’t want him to marry Chini. Rudra tells her to stop putting the blame on Imlie. Devika supports Chini and asks the officer to put Imlie in jail in the case of her son’s kidnapping. Drama follows.

Inspector says he has to put Imlie in jail until she can show she is not guilty. Imlie makes an excuse and leaves a bathroom. Devika says Imlie did something wrong or she wouldn’t have been able to get away. Rudra says that even a person who is not guilty gets scared when they are blamed. Devika still cries and swears at Imlie. After some jokes, Ms. Paty walks in and calls Devika “maa” and tells her that her son will be back.

Before the end of the chapter, Imlie goes to Reyansh’s den and tries to save Atharva. Reyansh tells her that she is putting her and Kairi’s lives in danger by coming to save Atharva.

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