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Imlie 17th June 2023 Written Episode Update

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Atharva calls Imlie to talk. Chini stops him and tells him that he knows how much she loves Kairi and that the fact that Imlie didn’t answer his call was a sign from God to keep the truth from Imlie. She walks up to the clerk and asks her to call Imlie so that she can give blood to a 5-year-old girl, but she doesn’t want to know the name of the girl.

Receptionist reluctantly agrees to what she and Atharva want and calls Imlie to tell her the same thing. Imlie runs to the hospital, where the front desk worker sends her and a nurse to the room where people give blood. Imlie thinks that after she gives blood to the kid, she will call Rudra and tell her about it. Atharva and Chini are grateful to mom.

Atharva is persuaded by Chini that Imlie doesn’t deserve Kairi and that he did the right thing by keeping the truth from her. Atharva says that all he cares about is his daughter. Chini thinks she had to do this to keep Imlie from hurting her family.

Imlie walks by Kairi’s room and stops hearing princess mom. The nurse tells her to move along. Imlie gives the girl blood and then asks if her situation is really that bad. The nurse says yes, but that her health will get better with Imlie’s blood.

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Keya starts to make Ranas hate Imlie by saying that everyone is here for Kairi except Imlie, who is too selfish and didn’t even come, even though she always acts like she loves Kairi a lot. Shivani tells her to stop saying bad things about Imlie if she can’t say anything nice. Keya says that he can’t say anything good about Imlie. Devika starts spreading venom against Imlie next.

Atharva sees Imlie give blood to Kairi. He thinks that Imlie cares about other people but not about her own daughter. He won’t let Imlie get close to Kairi again. When Imlie walks towards Kairi’s room after giving blood, Atharva sees her and tells the nurse to stop her. The nurse stops her and tells her it’s against the rules.

Atharva is told by Chini that they did the right thing by not telling Imlie the truth. Atharva says that they can’t keep it a secret for long. When Imlie sees Dhairya at the hospital, she asks him what he’s doing there. Dhairya says that Kairi fell and hurt himself badly, so he was taken to the hospital. The doctor tells Atharva and Chini that Kairi is no longer in danger and that they should thank the girl who gave Kairi blood.

Devika says she wants to meet the girl who helped save her niece so she can thank her. Chini sees imlie coming and asks her what her name is. Atharva makes it so that Imlie can’t meet Kairi. Next, Devika gets mad at Imlie and tells her to leave. Imlie feels sad when she leaves.

After Kairi gets out of the hospital, Imlie makes food for her. Atharva believes that Imlie loves Kairi. Dhairya goes over to Imlie and talks to her. Atharva gets jealous. He stops Imlie from getting Kairi food and fights with her. Devika is on Atharva’s side, while Rudra is on Imlie’s side. Their accusations and counter-accusations keep going back and forth.

Imlie comes in while pretending to be Kairi’s new tutor, Patty. Kairi asks about Atharva. Atharva is seen somewhere being held.

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