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Imlie 17th July 2023 Written Episode Update

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Imlie Written Episode 17th July 2023, Written Update on Telly Updates.

Imlie Written Update

Atharva asks Imlie if she is going back to her house. He thanks God and tells Imlie that he knew she wouldn’t mind what narrow-minded people said. Imlie says that she won’t come because he is also like those people now that he is a father to a girl.

She says that he compared her to Dhairya and made fun of their friendship. She also says that he always doubted her loneliness, forgetting that a woman can choose to be alone.

He wants Kairi to know how important she is and doesn’t want Kairi to see her parents fighting. Atharva says he can see her point, but for Kairi’s sake, she should go back home. Imlie says that he is still being narrow-minded, which is showing her that she is alone.

Then they start to fight. Imlie says that she and Kairi will not go back to him, and she will make sure that he feels the pain she went through for five years. Kairi approaches her. Imlie says let’s go now. Kairi calls Atharva. Imlie tells them that they are the only ones going now and walks away.

Atharva stands there with tears in his eyes as he watches them leave, and then he drives away. In the background, a sad song is playing. Imlie walks on street. Monty tells her that he has found a house for her to rent. She says thank you.

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Monty says that he is her younger brother and that it is his job to take care of her. Imlie tells Kairi that she and her team won the first round of the chuk chuk gaadi game. When they get there, the house is dusty and messy. Kairi asks if they went to the wrong house because this one doesn’t look brand new.

Imlie makes her sit down, pulls Monty away, and tells him that she can’t pay 30000 rs for this broken-down house because she doesn’t have enough money to fix it. He should look for another house, she says.

Monty says that she is sure that no one will rent a house to a single mother. Imlie says that she will fix up this house so that Kairi can live there. She tells Kairi to wait and see how she makes the old house look like a new one.

Imlie brings down the house while dancing to the song “Aaj Main Upar Asaan Niche..” Kairi says that it looks nice now. Imlie tells Kairi to do griha pravesh and build an image of god. Kairi shows her a picture of her with Imlie and monkey paa and tells her to fix it right away.

Imlie says that she’ll do it later. Kairi says that their family isn’t complete without monkey paa, but she can fix the drawing until he comes. Imlie puts it on the fridge door in an emotional way.

Kairi jumps up and down, saying that her family is now whole. Imlie thinks back to what Atharva said about letting him meet Kairi at least. She thinks she won’t be as mean as he is, so she’ll let him meet Kairi.

Atharva prays to god that Imlie will forgive him now that he knows how bad things are for her without him and Kairi. Devika tells him that he should apologise to Imlie, for whom he is to blame. Rudra tells him that he needs to give Imlie time to forgive him.

Aunties from Imlie’s neighbourhood come over and start making fun of her. They are interested in her husband. Shivani tells Atharva that he didn’t trust Imlie and made her cry a lot, so he should now wait for her forgiveness. Neighbours say that Monty told people that Imlie’s husband lives in another city and often visits her.

They’re going to get their kids from school. Kairi asks Imlie why the aunties were saying that when monkey paa lives in the same city. Imlie tells her to forget about it and get ready, because she’s dirty.

Atharva asks Kairi what’s wrong with her. Kairi says that everyone’s paa will play in the sports competition at her school, but her paa won’t be able to. Imlie says she’ll do it. Kairi says she is mom, not paa, and can’t take his place.

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