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Imlie 16th June 2023 Written Episode Update

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Imlie Written Update

Dhairya gives Imlie a food bag and tells her that they will go on a picnic, see a movie, and then eat at a restaurant together today. They will spend the whole day together. Imlie says this so that Atharva and Chini’s engagement will be over by the time they get back home.

Imlie says that she has seen Atharva become a groom before, but she doesn’t care anymore because she has moved on and won’t be upset. She says that Atharva doesn’t want her to come to his wedding, so she won’t. She walks to the living room. Atharva pulls her close and asks her why she keeps coming in front of him even though he told her not to. Imlie says that he came first.

She makes a joke about how he can’t stay away from her and keeps running into her. She says she came to get her phone, tells him to get ready for his wedding, and walks away while listening to music. Athar thinks Imlie has been gone from his life for 5 years, so he should forget about her.

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Imlie 15th June 2023 Written Episode Update

Imlie goes back to her room and listens to music while she writes a sad poem with tears in her eyes. Kairi knocks her room door. When Dhairya sees her, she tells her that her princess mother is sick and needs to rest. Kairi remembers giving Imlie magic water or a mixture of herbs when she has a fever.

She tells princess mama that she will get magic water for her like she did at summer camp and runs to the kitchen. Dhairya follows her. Kairi climbs up on a bar to get a pan, trips, and hits her head on the floor. She gets hurt badly and goes to sleep. Imlie’s heart feels like it stopped beating. Dhairya grabs Kairi and runs quickly to the living room. Atharva runs to her and freaks out when he sees blood.

Kairi is taken to the hospital, where the doctor tells her that she has lost blood and needs a blood transfer right away. He says Kairi’s blood type, B-negative, is rare and the hospital doesn’t have enough of it, so they should get it from one of their cousins.

Devika asks Chini to give blood because her blood group and Kairi’s must be the same. Kairi stands silent. Rudra gives him a tight hug and tries to make him feel better. Atharva looks at Kairi and hears her say, “Princess momma.” He thinks Imlie is the only one who can now save his daughter. Imlie feels uneasy and thinks she is worried because of Atharva’s engagement, he needs to attend it now.

Atharva tells Chini that it’s time to reveal Imlie that Kairi is his mother. Chini pulls him back. Atharva says that he kept Kairi away from Imlie to protect Kairi, and he says that he will now bring them together to protect Kairi. When he calls Imlie, her phone is busy. Dhairya tries to call Imlie, but her phone is set to silent.

He tells Rudra that he tried to get blood from blood banks nearby and from his friends, but couldn’t. He says he will let Imlie know how Kairi is doing. When it comes to Kairi, Dhairya says it doesn’t matter to Imlie. He calls Imlie’s number and tells her. Imlie runs quickly to the hospital.

Imlie comes in while pretending to be Kairi’s new tutor, Patty. Kairi asks about Atharva. Atharva is seen somewhere being held.

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