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Imlie 16th July 2023 Written Episode Update

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Imlie Written Episode 16th July 2023, Written Update on Telly Updates.

Imlie Written Update:

Imlie tells Rupali over the phone not to tell Sundar and Arpita about her situation because they are just getting settled in Canada and would come back for her. She tells her that she will keep her up to date on her life and then ends the call. She looks for a hotel room for herself and Kairi.

The front desk worker asks where her husband is. Imlie asks him if he would have asked the same thing of a man. She shows her ID card and says that’s how people know who she is. The person at the front desk gives her the keys and apologises. Imlie thinks she will spend the night in a hotel and start looking for a house tomorrow.

The next morning, Devika is praying when she sees Atharva lying on the floor and drops her aarti thali. Family members get together and run to Atharva. Atharva wakes up and asks where Kairi and Imlie are. Akash tells them that they are not in their room. Atharva says that Kairi was taken away from him for good by Imlie. Keya says that Imlie is cruel to take a small child out in the storm.

Shivani tells her to stop attacking Imlie with poison. Devika says that Keya is right; even though Atharva was wrong with Imlie, Imlie was wrong to take Keya away. Shivani says that Atharva lied to Imlie for five years and betrayed him, and that any mother would have done the same thing.

She lashes Atharva with her mouth because he ruined imlie’s life. Keya tells Akash that Imlie doesn’t have any money and that the Rathore family has moved to Canada, so Imlie will definitely go back to the Rana house. She hopes Imlie won’t take their share of the land. Rudra asks Imlie and Kairi where they should be. Atharva says that he wants to meet Imlie and Kairi no matter what because he knows that Imlie will work to make money but won’t go back home.

Imlie cuts up all of her credit cards and bank cards, and she thinks she will never ask Ranas for money again. Kairi wakes up wishing good morning mom. Imlie is happy to hear mom, so she asks her to say it again. She takes care of Kairi and tells her that they are going to play a game where they will try to stay away from their families and homes for as long as possible. Kairi agrees.

Imlie then meets Monty, a friend of Dhairya’s, and asks him for help getting a house to rent. He takes her to an apartment, but the people there won’t rent to her because she’s been divorced. Imlie faces them down and then leaves. She can’t find a place to live in any of the groups.

The secretary of the last group says something about her. Imlie tells him what he deserves to hear and walks away. When Atharva meets Kairi, he takes care of her. Secretary goes back to Imlie and tells her that she can get a house here now that her husband has cleared up the confusion.

She wants to know where her husband is. Secretary shows Atharva and Kairi having fun together. Imlie says that he is wrong because she and Atharva are no longer together. Secretary says that she can’t have a house if that’s the case. Atharva gives him the right answer.

He begs Imlie to go home so Kairi can be safe. Kairi is asked to sit in Atharva’s car by Imlie. Atharva smiles and asks her if she’s ready to go home. Imlie says no. Their story goes on…

Atharva asks Kairi what’s wrong with her.

Kairi says that everyone’s paa will play in the sports competition at her school, but her paa won’t be able to. Imlie says she’ll do it. Kairi says she is mom, not paa, and can’t take his place.

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