Imlie Written Update

Imlie 15th July 2023 Written Episode Update

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Written Episode of Imlie for 15 July 2023, Written Update on Telly Updates.

Imlie Written Update

Imlie keeps talking to Atharva about Kairi being her daughter and how Atharva kept her in the dark. When Devika finds out that Atharva lied, she too starts to cry. Atharva is asked by Imlie to look at a broken heart. Devika is crushed when she hears her son lie.

She says that Atharva didn’t let her see her child’s first word, first step, etc., and that Kairi must have been very scared when she came to Delhi from Goa looking for her mother, but Atharva still didn’t tell her anything.

He is not only to blame for her, but also for Kairi. She falls to the floor and keeps crying. In the background, a sad song is playing. After some time, Devika asks Rudra if he had got Kairi and Imlie’s DNA test done.

Rudra says that if she had seen Imlie and Kairi get close, she would have seen that Kairi is a smaller version of Imlie. He was hoping for good results, but when they were bad, he didn’t tell anyone. Devika says more than Atharva, and she is the one who hurt Imlie because she didn’t listen to her pleas.

Imlie looks for Kairi and starts to cry when she remembers how close they became. Kairi wipes her tears away and calls for her mother. When Imlie hears that, she’s happy and says that she looks so cute.

Kairi says that Atharva told her that she is her mother and told her that from now on, she should call her mama. Atharva walks over and says sorry to Imlie with his hands folded.

Kairi and Imlie leave from there. Atharva follows her. Devika stops him and tells him that he made Imlie’s life terrible. Rudra says that now is not a good time to go near Imlie because she is in a lot of pain and won’t forgive him. Devika keeps yelling at Atharva with her tongue about how he betrayed her and did bad things, and she tells him to stay away from Imlie.

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Imlie 12th July 2023 Written Episode Update

Atharva thinks that Rudra told him not to meet Imlie right now, but he wants to say sorry to Imlie no matter what. He goes to Imlie’s room and finds a note from her saying that she’s taking Kairi with her and leaving him for good.

He rushes out into the street, stops Imie, and begs him to forgive him. Imlie says that she can forgive him, but Kairi’s mother she can’t. Atharva says she should think about Kairi’s family, like Devika, Shivani, Rudra, and others, because they need her.

Imlie says that even back then, they were Kairi’s family and didn’t help her. Atharva begs them to stay back because a storm is coming. Imlie says that he is worried about this storm, but not about a storm in their lives. He should be happy that she is not filing a kidnapping case against him.

Atharva asks her not to take away his daughter. Imlie tells him what Kairi promised and then walks away with Kairi. Atharva is sobbing. In the background, the song “Dil Dediya Hai..” plays.

Imlie tries to rent a house, but she is turned down because she has left her husband. Atharva asks a group to rent her a house, and they agree. Imlie sees Atharva playing with Kairi, so he tells him he doesn’t belong in their lives.

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